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Hamilton Center

Through the New College Student Alliance (NCSA), NCF’s Student Government, students can have considerable input into student life, academic affairs, and college policy. Students are truly empowered through our unique form of direct democracy in which government transparency is taken very seriously. 

The NCSA, which operates under its own constitution, serves to:

  • Foster a shared sense of community
  • Preserve New College’s identity and vitality as a unique alternative in American higher education
  • Represent and express students’ views on the administrative affairs of the College
  • Promote an environment free from discrimination
  • Ensure, to the greatest degree possible, that students have control over all decisions that affect them
  • Fund student events, green initiatives, capital improvement projects, and more

Unlike at other state universities, every student at New College is automatically considered a senator in the NCSA. We encourage all to participate in monthly Town Meetings where we discuss issues of importance to the campus community and provide all students with the platform to have a vote and a voice.

Fall 2022 NCSA Executive Cabinet

CoPresidents Colin Jefferis and Grace Keenan
Vice President Kyla Baldonado
Chief of Staff TBD
Executive Secretary Olivia Mikkelson
Chair of Academic Affairs Tea Jones
Chair of Student Life Adom Neizer Ashun
Chair of Relations and Financial Affairs Elizabeth Kufrovich
Co Chairs of Diversity and Inclusion Jasmine Doyle and Devyn Rolls
Co Chairs of Green Affairs Sydney Haas and Michael Bolesh