Application Review Factors

New College of Florida practices selective admission, seeking those students who are able and eager to take responsibility for their own education, and who will benefit from the College’s demanding academic program and flexible curriculum.

Satisfaction of minimum State University System admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance; preference for admission is given to applicants who demonstrate great academic promise.

Application Review Factors include:

  1. Level of difficulty of coursework
  2. Grades (and class rank if available)
  3. SAT or ACT scores
  4. Writing Ability
  5. Activities
  6. Leadership
  7. Character

Teacher and/or counselor recommendations are optional and may be considered as well as demonstrated interest in attending New College.

Fall 2022 Admitted Class Profile (Middle 50%)

High School GPA: 3.7 – 4.4
SAT: 1100  – 1320
ACT: 22 – 29

College Preparatory Course Requirements For Admission to the State University System:

  • 4 units of English
  • 4 units of mathematics (algebra or higher)
  • 3 units of science (including 2 years of lab science)
  • 3 units of social science
  • 2 units of the same foreign language
  • 2 additional academic electives