You are about to embark on an exhilarating collegiate experience. New College—your new home—awaits your brilliance. Check out our New Student Checklist below to start your NCF journey

Due Immediately

All official communications from New College will be sent to your NCF email address. To access and check your NCF email, log in to MyNCF App Gateway and click on the Gmail Tile.

Access MyNCF Portal

Questions? Contact IT Help Desk:

Login to your New Cleis (click on the New Cleis tile after logging into your MyNCF Gateway) and subscribe to NCFSafe Emergency Notifications.

Access New Cleis

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If you wish to be considered for need-based financial aid for Spring 2023, you must complete the 22-23 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).You must submit the FAFSA each year to be considered for need-based financial aid in future academic years. If you are receiving scholarship funds from an organization outside of New College, please arrange for the scholarship funds to be sent directly to the Office of Financial Aid at the college address. 

Get Started on your FAFSA

Questions? Contact the Office of Financial Aid:

As a condition of eligibility for Florida Bright Future’s Scholarship and other Florida financial aid, submit the Initial Student Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) during your senior year in high school and no later than August 31. 

Florida Financial Aid Aid Application

Questions? Contact the Office of Financial Aid:

If entering the United States on an F-1 visa from Latin America or the Caribbean:

  • Send your Financial Statement Form (sent via email once scholarship awarded) to Alisa Lannon at and copy
  • Submit your Residency Declaration Form to so you are eligible for Florida tuition rates. Fill out the highlighted sections and attach a copy of your passport (all pages) and a government issued ID (with your home address and country).
  • Due Dates: Priority date: April 15th Deadline: June 15th

If entering the United States on an F-1 visa from a foreign country (excluding from Latin America or the Caribbean)

  • Send your Financial Statement Form (sent via email once scholarship awarded) and a copy of your Passport (all pages) to Alisa Lannon at and copy


Contact International Admissions: Michael Kalmeta

Contact Registrar’s Office: Alisa Lannon

If you are a student with a disability, please contact the Advocacy and Accessible Learning Center at to begin the accommodation registration process. We look forward to working with you!

Questions? Contact the Advocacy and Accessible Learning Center:

Whether you told us you expect to be a Florida resident or an Out of State resident for tuition purposes, fill out this form so we can make sure you meet the state’s residency guidelines.

Residency Declaration Form

Questions? Contact Office of Admissions:

The health history form and immunizations is required for students to register for housing, classes, and Financial Aid at New College. 

Health History and Immunization Instructions

Immunization Form

All documentation may be submitted to:

New College of Florida, Counseling & Wellness Center, 5800 Bay Shore Road, Sarasota, FL 34243

Fax: 941-487-4256

Questions? Contact the Counseling and Wellness Center:

Marguerite Perretta


Emily Goodie

  • 941-487-4254 option 3

You are about to embark on an exhilarating collegiate experience. New College—your new home—awaits your brilliance. Registration for Orientation is a two-step process. First, you must fill out our registration form. Once you complete the registration, you will automatically be redirected to the payment screen. DO NOT CLOSE THE TAB.

Register for Orientation

Questions? Contact Orientation:

Students apply for housing via the Housing Registration app in their myNCF portal. Log in to your myNCF portal and look for the Housing Registration tile.

Apply For Housing

Residential Life

Questions? Contact Housing & Residential Life:

Due January 5th

Have your school send all official transcripts directly to NCF Admissions from each high school and college attended, including dual enrollment and summer college courses. Official SAT or ACT scores need to come to us directly from the testing agency, or be included on your official school transcript. If you have any AP, IB, AICE, or CLEP scores you want to be considered toward transfer credit, order the scores be sent directly to the NCF Registrar from the testing agency.

Final Official Transcripts — Have your school send final transcripts to New College directly from each school and college

Official Test Scores* — Send scores via the SAT or ACT OR on a final official transcript.

Info for submitting Official Test Scores:

  • Official SAT or ACT scores must be reported on your official school transcript(s), or submitted directly to our office by the testing service using the codes College Board (SAT) #5506 or American College Testing Program #0750.

*We are unable to accept faxed standardized test scores as official.

Questions? Contact Office of Admissions

This academic advising questionnaire (AAQ) form helps the provost office assign a faculty advisor to each incoming student. If you have questions about how to complete the form, view our video. You can also preview our fall course offerings to help inform your course preferences on the AAQ. 

Academic Advising Questionnaire (AAQ)

Preview Spring Courses

Questions? Contact the Office of the Provost:

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), New College of Florida is permitted to disclose information from your education records to your parent(s) or legal guardians(s) if they claim you as a dependent for federal income tax purposes. Your consent to disclosure is optional.

FERPA Disclosure Form

Questions? Contact Office of the Registrar:

This is a form that authorizes the College to use any extra financial aid and scholarship money to cover book advances. Extra money will be reimbursed via direct deposit, so complete the Direct Deposit form.

Financial Aid/Title IV Form

Sign up for Direct Deposit of Funds — There may be times that NCF needs to refund money to the student. Students can choose the bank account they would like the refund to be deposited.

  • Complete the Direct Deposit Form
  • Enter in your routing and bank account numbers
  • Read and then click the disclaimer statement
  • Press next & submit the Form

Going forward, all refunds will be Direct Deposited into this bank account.

Questions? Contact Finance and Accounting Office:

If you are receiving federal loans, you can complete your Master Promissory Note and Entrance counseling directly through your MyNCF Portal by clicking the New Cleis tile after logging in.

Access MyNCF Portal

Questions? Contact Office of Financial Aid:

Due January 15th

You’re always able to see your financial bill online. Spring bills are available in January and monthly statements are emailed out to the student’s NCF email address (as well as to any additional payees on file, see below).  Here are the steps to view and pay your bill:

  • Sign into myNCF Portal
  • Click the New Cleis Tile
  • Select “View and Pay Bill”
  • Click “Make a Payment” (select the payment to be made)
  • Hit Continue

NCF accepts payments online using a credit card or eCheck. NCF Payment Plan Options are open for enrollment starting on July 18, 2022.

Handwritten checks may also be delivered in person to the START Center and/or mailed to New College of Florida, Business Office, 5800 Bay Shore Road, Sarasota, FL 34243.

Questions? Contact the Finance and Accounting Office:

In order for your parents/guardians to view your Student Financial Statements and make payments, you will need to set them up as a payee.

Instructions for designating a payee:

  • Sign into the myNCF Portal
  • Click on the New Cleis tile
  • Click on “View and Pay Bill”
  • Scroll down to the middle of the page, then click on “Do you want Help Paying?” 
  • Select “Send a payer invitation”
  • Fill in information for payee
  • Select “Send Payer Invitation”

Questions? Contact Finance & Accounting Office:

Complete a Student ID form. Once the form is submitted, NCF ID cards can be picked up during Welcome Wednesday Pre-Orientaiton event or on campus at the START Center.

How to Request your NCF ID:

  • Take a photo of your head and shoulders with nothing obstructing your face.
  • Complete the Student ID Request Form
  • Upload your photo when asked
  • Complete Form and submit
  • Pick up your NCF Student ID at Welcome Wednesday or at the START Center on campus.

If you plan to bring a car to campus, you can purchase a parking pass by logging into your myNCF portal.

How to Purchase a Parking Pass:

  • Sign into the New College Portal
  • Choose the Campus resources Tab
  • Click on the Parking Tile
  • Select the permit icon at the top left.
  • Choose Mail in the Delivery Method
  • Complete Form – select permit, enter car info, make payment
  • Choose Add to cart in top right
  • Click on the cart
  • Choose payment type
  • Enter Payment information
  • Choose check out in the top right

Your parking pass will be available at Welcome Wednesday or placed in your campus mailbox.

Questions? Contact Finance & Accounting Office:

The Pre-Orientation Canvas Course must be completed by January 15th. In this course, you will work through some required trainings and information that must be completed in order for you to start classes in the Spring Semester. Please check your NCF email address beginning December 1st for a link to access the Orientation Canvas Course. 

Questions? Contact Orientation:

Career exploration and preparation will be essential aspects of your New College experience. The first step is to take the comprehensive career assessment (Focus 2) to explore your interests, possible AOCs (majors), and career options. Your career coach will be meeting with you in your first semester to review your Focus 2.

To access the Focus 2:

Questions? Contact Career Engagement & Opportunity (CEO):

The math placement test is for all students planning to take any calculus course. Students scoring less than 50% should take Introduction to Math for the Sciences (Precalculus) before attempting Calculus I.

Math Placement Test

Questions? Contact:

Travis Lee, Director of Qualitative Skills Programs

  • 941-487-4742

Pat McDonald

  • 941-487-4375


The French and Spanish Placement Tests are for students who wish to place in a higher level of language.

French Placement Assessment Instructions & Form

French Placement Test

Questions? Contact:

Dr. Jocelyn Van Tuyl


Dr. Amy Reid



Spanish Placement Instructions & Form

Spanish Placement Test

Questions? Contact Mariam Manzur-Leiva


The QLRA is an assessment of basic quantitative skills. It is used for diagnostic purposes only. It consists of twenty questions and is available online.

Take the QLRA

Questions? Contact Travis Lee, Director of Quantitative Reasoning Program:

January 23rd

  • Move In and Orientation: January 23-25, 2023
  • Mini Classes: January 26-27, 2023
  • Classes Begin: January 30, 2023

Questions? Contact Housing and Residential Life:

Contact Orientation:

January 26-27th

We recommend attending as many mini-classes as possible! Mini-classes occur the Thursday and Friday before school starts and are an opportunity for you to preview you the classes you may want to take before the semester begins. Forty-five days before the first day of classes each semester, the New College Bookstore lists all the required and recommended textbooks and instructional materials for each class .

New College Bookstore

Questions? Contact the Office of the Provost:

January 30th

2022-2023 Academic Calendar

Questions? Contact the Office of the Provost: