Faculty Writing Resources

There are many ways that the Writing Program can support faculty and their students.

Faculty Resources

There are many ways that the Writing Program can support faculty and their students. Below are some examples of ways that the Writing Program and the WRC can partner with faculty:

Course and Writing Assignment Design

Consult with the Director or Assistant Director of Writing for assistance with:

  • Developing writing outcomes
  • Integrating formal and informal writing into courses
  • Scaffolding assignments
  • Offering ongoing faculty workshops for integrating writing instruction into the classroom

Classroom and Student Support

Partner with the Writing Resource Center to offer your students:

  • One-on-one peer writing conferences with a Student Writing Assistant (SWA)
  • Recurring weekly conferences with a SWA
  • In-class or out-of-class presentations or workshops by a SWA or writing program administrator
  • WRC-facilitated student peer review
  • Classroom writing support materials (handouts, worksheets, peer review guides, etc.)


If you are interested in consulting with either the Director of Writing or Assistant Director of Writing, please contact us directly or at writing@ncf.edu.

New College

Thesis Support for Faculty

The Thesis Support Guide for faculty addresses some frequently asked questions and offers tips for a successful thesis writing process.

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Additional Writing Support for Faculty

Explore Ways to Enhance Writing in Your Classroom

Faculty Writing FAQs

Have a question about the Writing Program, the WRC, or writing support at New College? Let us know!

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Writing Enhanced Courses and Seminars in Critical Inquiry

Opportunities for Faculty in 2016-2017.

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Faculty Writing Plans

Through the development of area-specific writing plans, the Writing Program seeks to support faculty in three AOCs per 2-year cycle.

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