Academic Calendar

New College operates on a 4-1-4 calendar system. The academic year consists of two 14-week semesters, each divided into two 7-week modules, with a 1-week examination period after the fourteenth week. A 4-week independent study project (ISP) interterm in January separates the two 14-week semesters. Only undergraduate students engage in independent study projects during the interterm.

Academic Calendar Page

2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Calendar (PDF)
2020-2021 Graduate Academic Calendar (PDF)

Noteworthy elements of the New College academic calendar:

  • No classes held on Labor Day.
  • We have a one-week fall break.
  • We have a two-day Thanksgiving break.
  • We have a five-day final exam period.
  • No classes held on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
  • We have a one-week spring break.


The program requirements, policies, and procedures set forth in the catalogs apply to students at the time they begin their studies at New College. The information contained in the catalogs is subject to review and the College reserves the right to may changes without notice.

New College of Florida General Catalog 2020-21

Archived catalogs can be found on the Advising page.

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