[New Scholars] New College

[New Scholars] New College is an annual celebration of student research and thesis work (formerly called Thesis Showcase). The daylong event features oral presentations and poster sessions of the scholarly work of New College students from all class levels. 

This event was borne from the idea that students should be able to present their capstone work not only to the academic community but to the surrounding community as well. It is the embodiment of New College of Florida’s mission, which offers an education rich in hands-on research, student-faculty collaboration and independent study. The senior thesis project, which all students are required to complete in order to graduate, is the culmination of their undergraduate work. 

Sample Presentations for 2013:

• Dolphin Echolocation
• US-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement on Labor Relations
• Gender, Race, and Jail Sentencing
• Degas’ Depiction of Women
• Negotiating Bohemian Identity in the Fin-de-Si├Ęcle Montmartre Cabaret
• Conway’s Game of Life (computer simulation by mathematician John Conway)
• Impact of Creative Drawing Expression on Fatigue and Autonomic Dysfunction
• Interaction of Emotional Expression and Eye Gaze

Click here for the 2013 program.

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