What is a Chapter?

The New College of Florida Alumnae/i Association’s chapter program is designed to strengthen the relationship of alumni with the life of the College. Chapter events and regional online chapter groups provide opportunities for alumni to participate in social, recreational and educational programs that encourage professional and social networking.

Alums interested in participating in organizing chapter events and activities are supported by NCAA staff and the communication/events board liaison. These individuals are your link to information about NCAA and the benefits, services and advice that will help make your chapter event a success.

Chapter Goals

• To allow New College alumni of all ages to gather together socially and stay connected with both New College and fellow alumni

• To foster a dialogue about the current state of New College of Florida

• To share pride in New College of Florida

• To inform New College of Florida of the accomplishments and service of New College graduates, current students and faculty

• To facilitate networking among alumni

• To welcome new alumni moving into the chapter area to the New College family

• To influence women and men to select New College of Florida for their undergraduate education

• To enhance career opportunities for students/alumni

• To provide a mechanism for involvement and leadership development and continuity within the national New College family

• To encourage participation and support of New College through mentoring, providing internships, becoming and Alumnae/i Fellow along with other service initiatives

• To encourage financial support of New College of Florida when appropriate

Planning an Event

In planning chapter events, keep in mind the following questions:

• Who is the event for – all members, young alumni?

• Why are we holding this event – social, networking, other?

• What are our goals for this event?

• When is the best time to hold the event?

• Where is the ideal location?

Event Ideas

Some previously successful event ideas include:

• Fall: Hayride and potluck at an alums home

• Spring: Networking reception hosted at alum business

• Summer: BBQ and pool party hosted at alums home

• Year-round: Networking nights/hosted at a business locations

Timelines for Planning an Event

8-12 weeks before the event
• Finalize event plans (date, time, place, cost, rsvp contact, information contact, event description)
• Make billing or deposit arrangements for venue and caterer

6 weeks before the event
• Mail invitations
• Post event on website, online community and other social media outlets
• Send email blast

3 weeks before the event
• Update replies
• Send reminder email blast with any updated event information

2 weeks before the event
• Begin work on event materials (program information, nametags, signage, etc.)

5 days before the event
• Confirm details with the caterer
• Confirm details with event host

Day of event
• Arrive at least one hour early to check the venue and set up the registration table
• Check with the caterer to ensure there are no last minute changes
• Locate restrooms and purse/coat storage
• If payments are being taken for the event, make sure to have cash on hand to make change
• Take accurate attendance, update alum record information and make sure payments are properly credited to the correct person

New College Alumnae/i Association
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