Voting Ballot 2020

Select up to three (3) candidates for the New College Alumni Association (NCAA) Board of Directors. Then enter your starting year at New College of Florida, or cohort year. Then enter your email. This information is collected to ensure single ballots are cast by New College alumni. Click "vote" to cast your vote.

Elizabeth Burger ‘09 AOC- History

Glenn Whitehouse ‘86 AOC- Religion, Philosophy

Harrison Bender ‘06 AOC- Sociology/Film

Tom Kapostasy ‘74 AOC- Economics

Kathryn (Kati) Griess Baruja ‘96 AOC- Humanities

Yanet Estrella ‘09 AOC- Philosophy

Rachel Scherer ‘07 AOC- Psychology

Wesley Beggs ‘10 AOC- Political Science

Miles Iton ‘14 AOC- Philosophy

Chelsea Hall ‘02 AOC- Tibetan Buddhism

David Goldman ‘71 AOC- Experimental Psychology