Senior Thesis Projects in Urban Studies

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Urban Studies:

Transit in Suburbia: An Analysis of Perth, Australia's Mass Transit System and How American Suburbs Can Overcome Automobile Dependency” by Stacey Haber

Paved with Good Intentions: Sarasota and the Challenge of Mass Transit in the Automotive City” by Adam Lubitz

More Green, Less Grief?: Post-Katrina Reconstruction in New Orleans” by Jessica Anne Plante

Selling Suburbia: An Actor-Network Analysis of the Construction of Levittown, NY” by Matthew Goeke

Sea Level Rise and Local Land Use Planning: The Florida Example” by Elisabeth Salinas

City, Sweet City: A Study of the Implementation of New Urbanism and the Public Process” by David A. Banks

Beyond Ghetto Walls?: An Inquiry Into the Role of Design in the Past Failure and Current Revitalization of America's Severely Distressed Public Housing Projects” by Melissa Norton

The City That Works Again: Neighborhood Redevelopment in Chicago” by Joel Frederick Mann

Creating Controversy: Public Art and Political Reaction” by Irene J. Hillman

Suburban Mass Transit: Busing, Paratransit, & Sarasota” by Dan Gottlieb

The Textures of a Neighborhood and Residents' Collective Efforts to Shape Their Environment” by Haley B. Grossman

Architectural Design: Theory and Reality” by Roderick Grant

Garbage and Government: Recycle Now, Sarasota County, and the Politicization of Urban Waste” by Scott Pesetsky

Success and Failure in Sarasota Public Housing” by Lisa Silverman

Historic Preservation in Sarasota” by Kira T. Zender

Mapping the Homeless World” by Patricia Frew

Toward a Clearer Understanding of the American Urban System” by Robert Alan Bilott

Born to Surf: The Postwar Subdivision” by Olga Tania Ronay

Direct Democracy and Urban Governance: The Experience of Condominium Associations” by Mary Ruiz

The City, the State and Containment” by Allen Dalezman

A Study of the Colonial Urban Planning and Development of Kingston, Jamaica: 1692-1865” by Leslie Miller

A Critical Perspective on Behaviorism” by D. Hederich

Winkleman's New Collegiate Guide to Metropolitan Sarasota: Spring 1973; A Glossary of Vital and Interesting Information Pertaining To and Dealing With Things To Do, Places To Eat, People To See and Ways in Which To Get Things Done-A City Visibility Primer” by Michael Jacobs Winkleman


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