Tuition & Fee Schedule

The New College of Florida Tuition and Fee Schedule Effective FY 2015-2016.
The tuition rates and fees are approved by the Board of Trustees annually.


Fee per Student Credit Hour (SCH)



Graduate ResidentGraduate Non-Resident 
Resident Tuition (Matriculation) $105.07 $105.07 $398.13 $398.13
Tuition Differential
 $40.13 $40.13  
Non-Resident Fee  $609.23  $662.04
Student Financial Aid Fee $5.25
 $19.90 $19.90
Non-Resident Student Financial Aid Fee  $30.46  $33.10
Capital Improvement Fee $6.14 $6.14 $6.14 $6.14
Activities and Service Fee $14.94 $14.94 $14.94 $14.94
Health Fee    
 $5.61 $5.61 $5.61 $5.61
Athletic Fee $8.71 $8.71 $8.71 $8.71
Technology Fee $5.25 $5.25 $19.90 $19.90
Sustainability "Green" Fee $1.00 $1.00$1.00$1.00
 $831.79 $474.33$1,169.47

Fall Semester - 20 SCH (Including January ISP) $3,842.00 $16,635.80$5,691.96$14,033.64
Spring Semester - 16
 $3,073.60 $13,308.64$5,691.96$14,033.64
TOTAL ANNUAL TUITION $6,915.60 $29,944.44$11,383.92$28,067.28
Undergraduate Course more than twice 
(per credit)

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Special Fees, Fines and Penalties

Application Fee (non-refundable)                     
Admissions Deposit Fee 
Late Registration Fee 
Late Payment Fee 
Late Contract Fee
Returned Check Fee
Overdue Library Book - per book/unit per day, to a maximum of $10.00, non-refundable - item declared lost after 40 days
Overdue Reserve Library Books - per item, per hour, to a maximum of $10.00, non-refundable
Overdue Recalled Book or Unit - per item, per day 
Lost/Damaged Book or Unit    
or the cost to replace the lost or reparably damaged material if greater than $100, plus a $5.00 non-refundable administration fee, and the amount of the overdue fine, if any.
Security/Access/Identification Card 
1. Initial                
2. First and Second duplicates within an academic year if original  damaged and returned
3.Third and all subsequent duplicates

Overdue Laptop Computer (per hour) 
Lost or Damaged Laptop Computer 
   Repair/Replacement Cost not to exceed
$2,000 plus $20 Service Charge
Lost Key - (includes cylinder charge)  
Equipment Damage or Loss 
$50/hr labor and repair/replacement cost
Interlibrary Loans (overdue/lost materials)   
At 7 days overdue: non-refundable $10.00 overdue fine. At 30 days overdue: non-refundable replacement cost, as determined by lending library.
Transcript Fee 
Diploma Replacement Fee 
Failure to appear at a scheduled disciplinary meeting or to follow lawful instructions of College officials.
Student disciplinary fines may be assessed when a student fails to perform disciplinary measures directed by the Office of the Dean of Students.
Ranges from $5.00 to $100.00
Installment Payment Plan Fee
Library Guest Borrower Fee$75 (annual)
Thesis Electronic Copy$25 plus tax
Archives Duplication Fee$.50 per page photocopied, with a minimum of $15
$5.00 per page scanned, with a minimum of $15
$15.00 per photograph, scanned or photocopied
$15 minimum charge for CD's /DVD's
$5 administrative processing fee
$4.00 mailing fee, if required (all fees plus tax)
Fitness Center FeeDaily $2.00 - Fall or Spring Semester: $50.00
Summer $30.00
Annual: $120.00
Late Course Request Fine

Material and Supply Fees Including Laboratory Fees
Organic Chemistry 
Biochemistry $135.00
Physical Chemistry $50.00
Field Ecology $20.00
Cell Biology    
Organismic Biology $150.00
Toxicology Lab $35.00
Advanced Physics Lab       
Drawing I $10.00
Painting I     
Painting II 
Sculpture Beginning
Sculpture Intermediate/Advanced
Mold Making and Casting $75.00
Woodworking $75.00
Welding $50.00
Printmaking $50.00
Time & Movement: Stop Motion Animation $50.00
Experimental Imaging $50.00
Kinetic Art    
Plant Physiology $50.00
All Other Labs
Entomology Lab $40.00
Genetics-Part 1 and 2 $75.00
Neurobiology/Behavior $130.00
Chemistry Inquiry Lab $75.00
Inorganic Lab $200.00
Analog Electronics Lab $80.00
Thesis/Tutorial ISP    
Invertebrate Zoology                            
Molecular Biology $110.00
General Chemistry $35.00
Fish Biology $65.00
Modern Physics Lab $50.00
Animal Behavior Lab $50.00
Intro to Biology Techniques $50.00
Biology of Sharks, Skates and Rays Lab $50.00
Sensory Biology of Fishes Lab $40.00

Housing Rental Rates (per person)
Contracts are inclusive of fall and spring Term

Room Type

Fall & ISP



Palmer B  $3,374.80                  $2,690.40               $6,065.20
Palmer B Preferred 
 $3,615.04 $2,881.92 $6,496.96
Palmer B Double
Dort/Goldstein/New Halls$4,598.88$3,666.24$8,265.12
New Halls Studio Single$5,006.43$3,991.14$8,997.57
New Halls-Studio Double
 $4,680.39 $3,731.22 $8,411.61
Pei Single*$5,270.98 $4,202.04 $9,473.02
Pei Double$3,532.10$2,815.80$6,347.90
Pei Triple (College Directed)*         $2,672.67$2,130.66 $4,803.33
Pei Triple (Student Request)*$2,875.73$2,292.54$5,168.27
Resident Assistants ALL$820.82 $654.36$1,475.18

*This type of room is assigned on a space available basis only.

Housing Use Fees

Housing Deposit Fee
Student Initiated Room Change Charge
Improper Check-in and Check-out Fee
Failure to vacate room by designated check-out date$200 plus appropriate daily rate
Unauthorized pet in room$100 plus cleaning/fumigation fees 
Winter Break Housing Fee
Daily rate of current Fall/ISP room rates
Student Summer Housing Rates
Daily rate of current Spring room rates
Student Employee Summer Housing Rates$13.48-$25/per person/day plus sales tax
Conference Housing Rate, plus applicable sales tax$25-$40/per person/per day 
Early Arrival Rate$150 per person/per day
Grant-Funded Housing RateRates will be determined on a grant by grant basis
Food Service Conference Rate, plus applicable sales tax   
Varies, based on menu selected and quantity 
Occupant Induced Fumigation$25.00 - $50.00 per treatment 
Lockout Fee$5.00 per lockout
Replacement Key$24.00 
Replace Lock Core$100 plus $24.00 per key issued
1. Pei/Palmer B (includes 2 replacement keys)$148.00
2. Dort/Goldstein/New Dorms (includes 4 replacement keys)$196.00
Paint Room
1. Whole Room, prorated otherwise
2. High ceiling in rooms or area over 9 feet
3. Extra treatment required
$640.00 per wall
Materials plus Labor
Slats for Blinds (each) $15.00
Damaged/Missing Furniture   
   Waste Baskets    
   Smoke Detectors    
   Light Fixtures    
   Toilet Tissue Dispensers    
   Robe Hooks    
   Closet Racks    
   Door Signs    
   Light Switch and Outlet Plates
(Repair/Replacement cost) 
$175.00  -  $1,000.00
Damaged Carpet
$50.00/carpet sq (30" x 30")
or Repair/Replacement Cost
Items on Doors/Windows/Mirrors (per item removed)
Extra Cleaning    
$25/hr, Minimum $25.00
Trash Removal (per hour)
Carpet Cleaning    
Cost to Clean, Minimum $75
Broken/Cracked Window or Door Glass
Materials plus Labor 
Damaged Bathroom Fixtures
Materials plus Labor
Room Door Damage
Materials plus Labor
Graffiti/Art Removal-Cement/Brick Surfaces
Materials plus Labor
Furniture Removal    
1. Heavy    
2. Light
$25.00/hour with a $75.00 minimum
$25.00/hour with a $25.00 minimum

Mandatory Base Meal Plan Rates

s are inclusive of fall and spring term

Meal Plan




Pei/B Dorm/1st Year/Transfer        
       $1,439.61           $1,143.52           $2,583.13
Apartment Plan
 $751.53 $596.96
 $417.36 $331.52$748.88

Students may increase their buying power above the mandatory base rates through the purchase of supplementary meal plans. The supplementary meal rates, which are in addition to the mandatory base plan rates listed above are voluntary and are as follows:

Meal Plan




      $155.10          123.20          $278.30
 $465.30 $369.60$834.90

Fees include buying power in the dining hall, 7% sales tax and a 10% Food Service auxiliary charge calculated on the buying power amounts.

Parking Permit Rates



Staff-Semester $37.50
Motorcycle, Annual, motorcycle only space
Motorcycle, Annual regular vehicle space
Monthly Permits
Value Lot-Annual$25.00
Value Lot-Semester$12.50

The appropriate parking permit fee will be waived for staff and students showing proof of a currently active NCF vehicle license tag issued by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

Replacement Cost for Lost or Stolen Staff and Student Permits



First Replacement$10.00 or full permit price, whichever is less
Second Replacement
$10.00 or full permit price, whichever is less
Third Replacement Full permit price

Parking Fines

Violation Description


Unauthorized parking in a Disabled space$275.00
Blocking access to a Disabled space/ramp$275.00
Unauthorized parking in a Reserved space-1st time$35.00
Unauthorized parking in a Reserved space, 2nd and subsequent offenses $75 plus immediate immobilization or tow
Unauthorized parking in a service drive or on a sidewalk$25.00
Unauthorized parking on grass$25.00
No current decal/permit displayed$25 with the first citation dismissed upon permit purchase
Unauthorized parking in State vehicle space$30.00
Parking out of assigned area during restricted hour$30.00
Blocking traffic$30.00
Parking in a "no parking zone"/barricaded area$30.00
Unauthorized removal and/or damage to clamp$125.00 plus replacement or repair cost to device and parking privileges restricted or revoked for one year
Displaying a revoked/altered/lost/stolen/counterfeit decal$125.00 plus immediate immobilization or tow and parking restricted or revoked for one year
Blocking a ramp$75.00
Doubled parked or parked over the line$15.00
Parking in an angled parking space facing traffic$15.00
Overtime violation$15.00
Improper parking permit display$15.00
Late Payment of Violation$10.00
All bicycle parking violations$15.00

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