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COVID-19 has changed your world but not your goals. You are entering the next phase of self-discovery as you seek the perfect place to pursue your educational ambitions and prepare for your future career. You can thrive at New College of Florida!

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Be Part of Our Resilient Community

While we’re living in a period of seemingly endless question marks, those of us at New College have found a way to create inspiring answers, solutions and momentum for our students. That is just who we are. We adapt. We regroup. We show our Novo Collegians how to set their sights on a boundless future, even when we don’t quite know how that will look. It’s the New College way.

We’ve watched our incredible students move forward with us, using their intellectual curiosity, self-reliance and resolve in the midst of chaos to make them better people (and to make the world better by being who they are). This semester, they transitioned quickly to virtual environments for study abroad opportunities, research projects, and a reverse career fair! We look forward to more brilliant thinkers like you joining us—bringing with you high aspirations we are thrilled to help you meet, and making our wonderfully vibrant campus community even brighter.

Experiential Learning Goes Virtual

Theater on the Virtual Stage

Young thespians and aspiring cultural workers filmed monologues, experimented with gestural improvisations, choreographed routines and built art installations in a virtual environment.

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Learning about the Plague during a Pandemic

Students in a medieval and Renaissance history class, taught by Professor Carrie Benes, created a website devoted to the Decameron, which famously depicted the Black Death in Italy in 1348.

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sustaining connected learning while social distancing

Assistant Professor of Religion Manuel Lopez Zafra talks about faculty making meaningful connections with their students.

New College moved from 100 percent in-person classes to 100 percent virtual classes in the span of a couple of weeks. We went from almost an entirely residential campus to a totally remote setup. It wasn’t easy. Nothing is easy at a time like this. It has been an on-the-fly, outside-the-box learning experience and a remarkable lesson in resilience. And really, hasn’t that always been the New College way? This is what we do. We are role models for this.

Not only did the professors provide compelling content for the students to learn, but they also engaged with them holistically, making sure they were progressing both intellectually and emotionally during the pandemic. The close connection between faculty and students, in many cases, grew even stronger during this shared experience of 2020.

Think Twice About That Gap Year

College graduation rates of high school seniors

Staying in School Is Your Smartest Financial Decision Right Now

Did you know studies have shown that, when high school students attend college after graduation, about 58 percent go on to earn a college credential? But only 40 percent of students who wait a year or two after high school to attend college complete a degree program.

Anjali Cadena, the director of student success and advocacy at New College, says that taking a “gap year” (time off between high school and college) can set students back significantly.

“Gap years are used often to explore new opportunities (to travel or volunteer), but those opportunities don’t exist right now. There’s nothing gained by taking a break before college at a time when unemployment is high,” Cadena said. “Staying in school is the smartest financial decision to make right now.”

Invest in Yourself

Your Future Can't Wait

New College doesn’t shy away from a challenge, and neither should you. There will always be hurdles—new uncertainties and frightening new realities. You’re in the middle of one right now as you move from high school to college. That’s scary enough, even without a pandemic in the picture. But holding back and hanging back out of fear will only lead to stagnation, and New College is all about forward movement. We want to help you tap into your radiant potential and push you to excel. Your intellectual thirst drew you to us. Now it’s our turn to show you that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. We are ready for you.

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