Senior Thesis Projects in Social Sciences

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Social Sciences:

Black/White Biracial Identitiy and Self-Concept in the U.S.” by Alexis Schwartz

Hammers and Sweat, Self and Other: The Gift of Habitat for Humanity Volunteerism” by Taylor Kennedy

Credibility in Contemporary American Media” by Kerem Ozkan

Collecting Stories: Oral History and Community Engagement in Urban Redevelopment” by Ryann Wolf

Promoted Gender Roles in Heterosexual Teenage Dating: 1950s and 2000s” by Scarlett Taylor

The 1.5 Generation of the Bosnian Diaspora” by Jennifer H. LeLaurin

Changing Attitudes Toward the Elderly through Intergenerational Massage: A Case Study” by Rachel Marine

Predicting Graduation Rates at Liberal Arts Colleges” by Bradley Moore

Doing Good?: A critique of Outcome-Based Evaluation in Non-Profit Organizations” by Emily Gates

The Cathedral in the Desert: Land Use, Ethics and the Damming of Glen Canyon” by Daniel Hauck

From Scholar to Dollar: Food, Culture, and Society in England and France in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries” by Jonathan Trudeau

Garbage Fell on Alabama': Environmental Justice in Lowndes County” by Monica Pena

Just Housing?: Evidence of Garden City Principles in a Postwar Japenese Housing Development” by Stephen Scott

Rationalization and the Banlieue” by Brian Claeys

High Hopes and Disappointment: Political Leadership and the Failure of Democracy in Haiti under Aristide” by David Paul

Consume for the Cure” by Kate Loeffler West

The Dam Situation on the Narmada: An Analysis of the Narmada Bachao Andolan Social Movement” by Sarah Kell

Power/Hungry: A New Perspective on Eating Disorders” by Georjana-Grace Shames

Implementing Self-Directed Learning in the Latter Years of Formal Schooling” by April Girtman

Touring a Florida Plantation: Historical Archaeology of Gamble Plantation 1842-1858” by Felicia Silpa

Environmental Equity in Chattanooga: Motivations to Participate in the Cleanup Movement of Alton Park & Piney Woods” by Ken A. Silverman

The Current Status of Stem Cell Research in the Context of Public Health Policy” by Miranda Lee

Which Way to Utopia?” by Matthew David Deschaine

Differentiating African Political Participation and Economic Equality: The Colonial Legacy in the Modern African States of Kenya and Congo” by Darren Guild

Deconstructing the Homeless/Reconstructing the Home” by Daniel Moore

Intellectual Objections to Japanese Imperialism: Troubling Heroes and Hegemonic Ideas” by Patricia Decker

Buying In: Marketing and the Construction of the Gay Aspirational Identity” by Shannon O'Malley

Serial Killers: A Diathesis-Stress Model of Development” by Karen Demski


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