Social Sciences

At New College, we offer an unconventional, Ivy-League-quality education that is well suited to Social Sciences students. Our Division of Social Sciences includes the following disciplines: Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. You can pursue any of these Areas of Concentration (AOC), or if you wish to combine study in several social science disciplines, you may consider a “Social Sciences” divisional AOC.

The Social Sciences AOC introduces you to methods of research while giving you the freedom and flexibility to explore everything from Global Environmental Politics and Medieval and Renaissance Europe to Self and Identity, Marine Mammal Behavior, African Anthropology and more. Working with a faculty advisor from within the division, you will create your own individualized plan of study, and at the end of each course you take, you will receive an in-depth, narrative evaluation from your professors. Specialized independent study projects (ISPs) and a senior thesis are also required for graduation.

The in-depth, interdisciplinary nature of our Social Sciences AOC is one of the reasons that our students are so well prepared when they enter graduate school and the workforce. Graduates from the program have gone on to attend some of the nation's leading graduate schools and to pursue careers in a wide variety of fields, with law, business, education and government service being among the most popular. 

Brilliantly [U]nique. [U]niquely Brilliant.

As part of the State University System of Florida, New College of Florida is one of the few public liberal arts and sciences honors colleges in the United States. We’re known for our record number of Fulbright Scholars (more per capita than Harvard, Stanford or Yale) and for the high rate of our students going on to graduate school. We offer an individualized, thought-provoking and challenging academic experience. What does that mean? Hands-on research conducted side by side with your professors. Small, intimate classes. Detailed narrative evaluations from your professors. Independent study required to graduate. All in a stunning location right on the water in Sarasota, Florida.





Many of our students go on to graduate school at some of the most elite schools in the nation. In fact, 90 percent of New College graduates are accepted into master's and Ph.D. programs.

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