Richard Herzog

Richard Herzog

Assistant Professor of Sculpture

M.F.A., University of Georgia
B.F.A., Bowling Green State University

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As a teacher of studio arts I view my job as more than just an educator. I expect my students to become critical thinkers and cultivate their desire for life-long learning and understanding of art. My job is to prepare the students to be professional artists, designers and educators. I push them to develop a dedicated work ethic and encourage an attitude of confidence that anything is possible.

Learning in my classroom, from seminar to foundation level classes, is done through multi-model approach. I ensure the students get a broad overview, covering historical and contemporary issues by presenting information through image lectures, presentations and discussions. I take the role of facilitator in discussions, learning more about the students' artistic desire allowing me to customize and direct the class activities in directions that will expand their knowledge while capturing their interest.

Recent Courses

Automata Contemporary Mechanical Sculpture 
Kinetic Sculpture
Metal Fabrication 
Mold Making and Casting in Contemporary Sculpture
Sculpture I
Sculpture II
The Use of the Figure in Contemporary Sculpture
Wood Sculpture and Woodworking Techniques

2009 Independent Artist of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2008 Retro-Futuristic Flora, Alexandre Hogue Gallery, School of Art, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma
2007 Simple Flower, Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon


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