Senior Thesis Projects in Religion

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Religion:

The Positive Value of Death: A Reevaluation of Suicide and Self-Sacrifice” by Erin Dyles

What About the Agape?: Understanding the Communal Love-Feast of Early Christianity” by Delaney Anderson

Daughters of Waheguru: Examining Politics of Gender in the Global Sikh Community” by Ilene Gillispie

El-Oh-El Laughing Out Loud in the Book of Job” by Brian D. Johnson

Embodying the Holy Spirit A Phenomenology of Tongues” by Jake Elrod

The Divine Feminine: A Feminist Study of Goddess Appropriation within the Jewish Renewal Movement and Western Interpretations of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism” by Zoe Rayor

Learning to Live and to Lead: How Post-Secondary Religious Education Helps Women to Shape Modern Orthodox Judaism in Israel” by Rachel Atwood

A Re-Evaluation of Early Christian Pilgramage: The Letters of Gregory of Nyssa, Jerome, and Egeria” by Emma Cawlfield

Luke: The Canonical Remnant of a Marcionite Orthodoxy” by Troy Konicki

Western Notions of Canon is Buddhism: Obscuring the Nature of a Multiplex Scriptural Tradition” by Rachel McLean

"Texts as Relics, Relics as Texts": Shedding Light on the Terma Tradition of Tebetan Buddhism” by Evan Sigmund

Pachomius and the Nag Hammadi Codices” by Charles Carter

In Defense of Jewish Manhood: Monotheism, Circumcision, and Gender in Freud’s Construction of Jewish Identity” by Jeremy Zorn

People Helping People: Community, Identity, Memory, and Place at the Senior Friendship Center” by Loren Mora

Journeys To the Promised Land: An Analysis of Three Feminist Haggadahs” by Jaclyn Schwanemann

To the Synagogue: Constructions of Place in Ancient Judaea” by Austin Taylor

Looking East: Muslim Identity in the Archaeological Record of American Enslavement” by Kacie Allen

Soteriology as a Gift System: Religious Practice Among the First Tibetan Buddhist Nun Scholars” by Junmei Georgia Kashnig

Preaching Cleanliness and Peddling Purity:The Sacred and Secular of Soap” by Charles Harris Dohn

The Irreligious American: Italian Immigrants in Ybor City, Florida” by Madeline Edison

Lie With Me!: UnBounded Female Sexuality in Early Biblical Interpretation” by Samantha Samson

Love in the Time of GMOs: Feminist Theolgies and the Ethics of Transgenic Organisms” by Brooke Denmark

New Prophecy, New Orthodoxy: The Evolution of Early Christian Authority in Second Century Asia Minor” by Samyntha Kay Francis

"All of You are One in Christ:" Messages of Unity in the Ministry of Benny Hinn” by Teagan Keating

The External Hindoo: A History of the Construction of Hindu Identity” by Jaclyn Lysinger

Ritualization in the Sevillian Holy Week: Theory on Its Practice and the Practice of Theory” by Mikhail Petersen

A Cross Fertilization Of Identities: The Meeting of Jews and Buddhism in America” by Benjamin Praff

The Castaneda Phenomenon and the Creation of the Toltec Movement or "Damn ... I Want the Money"” by Rio Taylor

The Ethiopian Jewish Community: Transition and Change in Israel” by Miriam Schwartz

Jewish Art and the Second Commandment” by Andrew Heber

Asserting Identity: Jewish Repatriates in the GDR” by Alia Schultz

The Word the Self-Perpetuating Narrative of Christ” by Gwendolyn Roberts

Questioning Authority: A Skeptical Approach to Reading Plato” by P. N. Eldred

St. Augustine Movement: An Indigenous Movement or Outside Agitators” by April Barnwell

Gaudapada's "Treatise on Quelling the Firebrand:" A Comparative Study of Early Advaita Venanta and Mahayana Buddhism” by Matthew J. Ezzi

Placing Mercy in Hume's Catalogue of Moral Virtues” by Kathryn Mesh Iserman

On Divine Foreknowledge and Human Libertarian Freedom” by Gustavo de Lima Torres Oliveira

The Legalization of Conscience: Quaker Pacifism in the American Civil War” by Aidan Delgado

Comparing Two Systems of Religion Grounded in Reason Alone: Je Tsong-Kha-Pa's Lam-Rim Chenmo and Kant's Religion within the Limits of Reason Alone” by Chelsea Hall

The Multidimensional Fabric of Karma: Individual, Interpersonal, and Collective Levels of Buddhist Karma Doctrine” by Erica Sirotich

Archibald MacLeish's J.B.: The Experimental Theistic Thesis” by Patrick Young

Kant on the Problem of Evil” by Michelle Chaplin

Hesychasm: A Mystical Treasure of the Orthodox Church” by Eris Laureen Budzinski

Female Authority in Paul's Letter to Rome: Placing Junia and Phoebe in Context” by Peter Fernandez

Basic Ecclesial Communities in Mexico: Beyond Liberation Theology” by Josef Mitkevicius

The Social Transmission of Moral and Religious Beliefs” by Daina Crafa

Satanism: Yesterday and Today” by Franchescha Judd

Poetics and Politics of Pilgrimage at the Swiss Shrine of Einsiedeln” by Emily Kearney

An All-Consuming Faith: Kierkegaard and Religious Existence” by Robert Hutchison

Our Bunnies, Our selves: An Exploration of the Ethical Status of Animals” by Robin Jacobs

Substaining Subjectivity through Metapatriarchal Metaphor and the Dynamic Divine: Language and Ontology in Mary Daly's Texts” by Kellie L. Adkins

The Question of Tathagatagarbha: Emptiness and(or) Essence in Indic-Tibetan Doctrinal Interpretations -- Finding Egolessness and Compassion in Difference” by Katherine L. Borse

The Irony of Metaethics: Humility & the Quasi-Divine Imagination” by Richard Harry

Jesus as Intelligent Interpreter and Societal Savior: William Ellery Channing's Chistology” by Jasmine L. Hoover

We Build the Road and the Road Builds Us' An Exploration of Socially Engaged Buddhism” by Jamie McDaniel

Christianity and Coercion” by Ethan Moore

Fractured Selves & (En)Folded Perspectives A History of Ideas Tracing the Doctrines of Not-Self and Emptiness in Indian Buddhist Thought” by Josh Sonstroem

Spiritual Agency, Secular Adjustments: Religion as a Provider of Status Mobility in the Hindu Caste System” by Jill Arterburn Collum

Like a Revival Starting': An Examination of the Religious Ideas and the Religious Ideals of the Montgomery Bus Boycott” by Shelley M. Fite

Rational Ecstasy?: An Exploration of the Conditions of Possibility of Entheogenic Religious Practice in the Modern U.S.” by Sarah Hussin

Calculating Virtue: An Analysis of Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, and the Process of Canonization” by Emily Meade

Spiritual Awakening in The Short Fiction of Flannery O'Connor” by Natalie Botero

Buddhism and the American Media: A Critical Exploration of Tricycle: A Buddhist Review” by Emilee Baum

History of American Anti-Catholicism” by Joseph Budzinski

The Ambiguity of Kant's Doctrine of the Highest Good” by Jamie S. Campbell

Interdependence as Self or The Reconciliation of the Doctrines of Rebirth and No-Self by a New Interpretation of the Buddhist Theory of Interdependence” by Chris Limburg

Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve: Religious Queerphobia as Spiritual Violence” by Michael Shannon

Buddhism and Ethnic Identity in Sri Lanka: An Historical Examination” by Justin Fischer

Jungian Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism: A Comparative Study” by Allison Kane

Defining Her 'Self': The Fundamental Function of Narrative in Feminist Theology” by Kelly McCarthy

Existence in the Inquiry: The Dynamism of Feminist Existentialism” by Sara Irwin


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