Why Study Psychology at New College?

As a Psychology student at New College, you will work closely with faculty who are experts in the fields of developmental psychology, social psychology, biopsychology, and cognitive psychology, plus you will develop skills related to lab and field experiments, field observations, participant interviews, data analysis, archival work, and video and audio analysis. All provide excellent preparation for graduate school and careers in the field.

 Additional benefits of the program include the opportunity to:

• Study marine mammals and lemurs.

• Participate in a year-long senior seminar class to help prepare for your thesis project.

• Use statistics and methods in all courses, not just in the stats and methods classes themselves.

• Develop lab skills that are critical to graduate school and career success, including the use of advanced software in data analysis (e.g., CLAN, Avisoft SASLAB, SuperLab, SPSS, SAS andLIWC).

• Study the newest developments in the field – our faculty members do not teach strictly from textbooks but instead explore the latest articles and changes in the field with their students.

Perhaps the best feature of our Psychology program, though, is the way in which it helps sharpen your research, writing and analytic skills while building toward a capstone project (thesis) where, while working with your faculty advisor, you will examine in depth an area of special interest to you. In the past, our students have explored theories and data pertaining to such a wide range of topics as:

• How sensory processes impact people’s perception of art.

• How educational choices are made for children in pre-K, K-12, and students in college.

• How conservation and zoological choices are developed for animals in the wild and captivity. 

• How factors like race, gender, competition and cooperation affect interpersonal relationships.

For additional examples of the broad range of research pursued by our students, visit our Senior Thesis page.

[Did you know?]

Between 1998 and 2010, more than 90 percent of psychology students who applied to professional schools (Med, Vet, Law, MSW) were accepted. And many others received awards such as the National Science Foundation Doctoral Fellowship and Fulbrights to Germany and Spain.

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