Senior Thesis Projects in Psychology

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Psychology:

Thinking about Thinking: Metacognition in Dolphins” by Judith Lobo

"Behavioral Lateralization in the Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris)" by Kara Tyler

The Extent to Which Biologocal and Sociocultural Factors Account for Differences Between the Sexes in Humor Type Preference” by Emily Acle

Relationships among Alexithymia, Altruism, and Interpersonal Trust” by Felix Acuna

Stigma Against People with Depression, It's Effect on Test Performance, and Role Models' Influence on This Effect” by Katya Ariano

What Are You Looking For? The Associations of Attachment and Romantic Relationship Ideals with Attraction” by Cheryl Askey

Terror Management and Humor: Can Viewing a Cartoon About Death Reduce Death Concerns?” by Alisabeth Ayars

My Dog Is Better Than Yours: An Examination of The Pain Attenuating Properties Associated With Exposure To a Familiar Dog, an Unfamiliar Dog, and a Plant” by Emma Jane Ballantine

Grit and Graduation: A Meta-Thesis” by M. Faith Benamy

Curiosity may not have Killed the Cat After All: The Potential Relationship Between Self-esteem, Self-compassion, and Curiosity” by Elizabeth Brewer

Talking Back: Effects of Training Session Occurrence on Captive Dolphin Vocal Behavior” by Jennie Caskey

Crossing the Threshold: An Examination of the Duration of Self-Regulatory Tasks within the Ego Depletion Paradigm” by Kelsey Cooke

State Attachment, Anxiety Sensitivity, and Drinking Motives: The Effect of Priming State Attachment on Anxiety Sensitivity and Drinking Motives” by Corey Kennedy Costello

What's With the Flower Boys? Comparing Korean and American Perceptions of Femininity and Masculinity” by Rebecca Alice Furlow

Empathy Enhancement in Text Based Computer Mediated Communication” by Sivens J. Glaude

The Effects of Type-Face on Sarcasm Comprehension” by Joseph Winfield Juneau Haslam

I Am Us: Overlapping Mental Representations of Self and Community” by Sarah Hernandez

An Exploration of Facebook's Ability to Buffer the Negative Effects of Cyberostracism on Self-Esteem” by Heather Jaffe

Insight And Perception:  The Relationship Between Diversity Attitudes and Perceptions of Campus Diversity” by Destiny S. Lyals

The Effect of Diverted Disclosure on Cognitive Processing with Applications to Sexual Assault” by Katherine Howard Oglesby

Owner Perceptions of Dog Emotions” by Kirstin Ohlsen

Impacts of Foraging Behavior of Initial and Terminal Phase Sparisoma Viride on a Caribbean Coral Reef” by Samantha Ortiz

Love Shouldn't Hurt: How Battered Women Cope with Intimate Partner Violence and its Effects on Subjective Stress” by Paula Pulmano

Using Drawing Tasks to Study Body Perception” by Andrew Fishman

Counteracting Symptoms of Emotional Suppression with Artistic Expression” by Katherine Evarts

Don't Speak, I Know Just What You're Saying: Gender Role Orientation, Self-Silencing, and Relationship Satisfaction” by Francesca Leyva

What is Queer-Ness? A Prototype Analysis of Queer Identity” by Molly Swift

Attitudes About Hispanics and Spanish-English Bilingual Education” by Rachel Barnard

Parents' Preference for Gender Stereotypes in Children's Books” by Carla Abad

Exchange of Self for others: Associations Between Social Awareness, Self-Compassion, and Satisfaction in Social Relationships” by Meg deCordre'

The Role of Touch in the Theatergoing Experience of Visually-Impaired Adults” by Sarah Gregory

Associations Between Self-Monitoring and the Creation of Humorous Advertisements” by Jeff Guertin

Underwater Vibrotactile Frequency Detection in human Hairy and Glabrous Skin” by Jordan Martin

I am Punk: A Prototype Analysis of Identity in the Punk Music Subculture” by Noelle Neemeh

Bais in the Courtroom: The Effects of Attorney attractiveness and Gender on Juror Decisions” by Keytin Palmer

Gaining a Better Understanding of Love and Relationships” by Stephanie Parrish

Art in a Granzfeld: The Role of Context in the Perception of Art” by Mary Powell

Self-Esteem and Interpersonal Perception” by Lior Reischer

The role of Computer-Based Content in Cooperative, Competitive, and Individualistic Decision-Making” by Rachel Scherer

Execitive Control and Language Mode in Monoligual and Biligual Young Adults” by Emma Ward

Qualities of offline and online friendships: Jealousy and Relationship Satisfaction” by Catherine Zakoske

Adult Literacy Practices and Associated Motivational Needs” by Kathryn A. Klein

Domestic Cats: Coat Color and Personality, Do Calicos Really Have Catitude?” by Jacqueline Munera

An Exploratory Investigation of Sleep Disturbance in the Pathogenesis of Depression” by Kristen Linnae Ponte

Human Chemosensation and Wine Expertise: The Biology of Wine Tasting” by Laura Johanna Weinkle

The Hard Reduction: Psychology and Neuroscience” by Caleb Kaufman

Sight Singing with Individualized Real -Time Feedback: The Efficacy of Singing Coach in the Music Theory Classroom” by D'Ariel Barnard

Shop 'Til You Drop: A Working Memory Training Program for Older Adults to Improve Memory in a Grocery Shopping Transfer Task” by Melanie Bauer

Photography and Self – Awareness: The Act of Being Photographed” by Elizabeth Bossom

Creative Control: An Explanation of Species-Specific Enrichment in Mongoose Lemurs (Eulemur Mongoz) and Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus)” by Hannah Brown

The Effect of Interest Level on Susceptibility to Unconscious Nonverbal Mimicry” by Amanda Caizza

Birth Order and Family Size as Indicators of Social Competence” by Anna Mary Folkers

Introducing “Mathematics”: The Effectiveness of a Structured Educational Tool with Playful Aspects” by Elaine S. Fritschie

The Mu Rhythm: An Electrophysiological Measure of Motor, Emotional, and Cognitive Empathy” by Robert Joseph Gougelet

Gender Role Instillment Upon Children Through the Use of Children's Literature” by Maria Andrea Siles

Academic Satisfaction in College and Relatedness to Instructors, Parents, and Peers” by Rita Yelverton

Effect of Props on Preschool Children's Communicative Interactions in Scripted Play Events” by Gabrielle Yvonne deFiebre

This Is Your Brain on Mindfulness: Dispositional Mindfulness and Neural Activity in Attentional Networks” by Natalie Paul

Association of Commonly Studied Personality Variables with the Stress and Immune Response” by Benjamin Stork

Fashion, Feminism, and Fascism: The New Woman and the Crisis of Modernity in France and Germany, 1920-1945.” by Kinley Paisley

Synesthesia: An Exploration of the Behavior, Biology, and Individuality of Cross-Modal Experiences” by Blaine Farmer

Social Learning in Cats” by Emily Brockmeier

Do Children Who Know More, Care More? Environmental Knowledge and Scope of Justice” by Jennifer Dyer

Self-Monitoring and Social Desirability as Factors Associated with Discrepancy Between Indicated Type and True Type on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator” by Katherine Filippi

Who is Responsible for an Accident? Defensive Attributions and the Self-Determination Theory” by Kelly Maher

Phonation Production and Synchrony in the Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)” by Caitlin M. O'Brien

Depression: Experiences, Perceptions and Attitudes” by Krisztina Schlessel

Mother-Child Reminiscing: Support for Socialization of Affect Regulation?” by Rebecca Weaver

"Synchrony Between a Mother-Calf Pair of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)" by Wendi Fellner

"Basic Husbandry Training of Two West Indian Manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris)" by Deborah Colbert

[Did you know?]

Between 1998 and 2010, more than 90 percent of psychology students who applied to professional schools (Med, Vet, Law, MSW) were accepted. And many others received awards such as the National Science Foundation Doctoral Fellowship and Fulbrights to Germany and Spain.

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