Psychology Faculty

Michelle Barton
Associate Professor, Psychology (941) 487-4382

M.A., Ph.D., Emory University
B.A., Carleton College

Professor Barton is a developmental psychologist specializing in early childhood cognitive development. Her primary research interest is investigating the ways that young children experience their early years in formal schooling (with particular attention to their perception of their own competence, autonomy, and relatedness to others as they participate in school and family settings) and how these experiences relate to their academic motivation and achievement. Professor Barton offers courses in developmental psychology, research methods in psychology, cross-cultural perspectives in child development, cognitive development, language development, and developmental psychology lab.

Gordon Bauer
Professor of Psychology
Peg Scripps Buzzelli Professor of Psychology (941) 487-4394

Ph.D., University of Hawaii
M.S. Bucknell University
B.A., M.A., George Washington University

Professor Bauer is a biological psychologist specializing in animal sensory processes, cognition and behavior. He is currently studying vision, touch, and hearing of manatees, imitation and hearing by dolphins, hearing of loggerhead turtles, and behavior of humpback whales. He teaches courses in biological psychology, sensation and perception, animal learning, and statistics.

Catherine Cottrell
Assistant Professor of Psychology (941) 487-4699

Ph.D., Arizona State University
M.A., Wake Forest University
B.S., The College of William & Mary

As a social psychologist, Professor Cottrell examines how the everyday thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of individuals are influenced by the presence of others. Her current research focuses primarily on the diverse ways in which people think, feel, and act toward members of various social groups (whether based on gender, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or other distinctions). In addition, she is involved with research on self-presentation, identity, and evolutionary psychology. She is also interested in statistics and research methodology.

Heidi Harley
Professor of Psychology
Director of Environmental Studies (941) 487-4328

 B.A. Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder
M.A., Ph.D. Psychology, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Professor Harley teaches courses in cognitive psychology and comparative cognition. Her research focuses on cognitive processes in dolphins.

Steven Graham
Assistant Professor of Psychology (941) 487-4551
Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University

Professor Graham specializes in social cognitive approaches to understanding how people think about themselves and about their relationships with close others. He offers classes on, among other topics, social psychology, self and identity, and social cognition.

[Did you know?]

Between 1998 and 2010, more than 90 percent of psychology students who applied to professional schools (Med, Vet, Law, MSW) were accepted. And many others received awards such as the National Science Foundation Doctoral Fellowship and Fulbrights to Germany and Spain.

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