President's Welcome

Welcome to New College, Florida’s legislatively designated Honors College for the Liberal Arts. At New College, students and faculty work together to engage the worlds that we humans inhabit – artistic, cultural, scientific and social – and the ideas and knowledge that comprise our intellectual inheritance. The College is an exciting place, one of challenge and learning, and a place where students pursue their own educational interests and goals in a directed, thoughtful, disciplined manner, and begin the lifelong process of finding vocations: things they love, things they are good at, and things that help others.

The transformative nature of the interactions among students, faculty and staff can be found only at a select handful of colleges around the country, and we are very proud to count ourselves among them. The clarity of our mission, the quality of our people, and the public/private partnership that lies at our heart, continue to sustain New College’s distinctive place within American higher education and continue to attract the bright, self-starting students who seek to claim their place in, and act on, our rapidly changing present.

We embrace our leadership role on the state and national scene, and invite you to explore, through our website, what makes New College a truly exceptional learning environment.

Donal O'Shea
President, New College of Florida

Office of the President
New College of Florida
COH 204
5800 Bay Shore Road
Sarasota, FL 34243

Phone: (941) 487-4100
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