8 Can’t Wait

After the death of George Floyd in May of 2020, several police departments adopted the recommendations set forth at 8cantwait.org

#8CANTWAIT Graphic

Career Development and training

These courses are in addition to the annual/bi-annual training such as CPR/AED, Defense Tactics, traffic crash and/or specialization courses as determined by the officer’s chain of command to meet the needs of the department

Career Development for Officers
Career Development for Sergeants
Mandatory FDLE Retraining

Police Activity Summary

These summaries show statistics for arrests and arrests by race/gender of officer and arrestee

Arrest Summary
Arrest Report 2018 by Race and Gender of Arrestee and Officer
Arrest Report 2019 by Race and Gender of Arrestee and Officer
Arrest Report 2020 by Race and Gender of Arrestee and Officer
Traffic Citation & Warning Summary

General Orders

This is a summary of select Campus Police Department General Orders*

GO I-102 Oath of Office and Law Enforcement Code of Ethics
GO II-102 Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation in the Workplace
GO II-106 Rules of Conduct
GO II-108 Awards and Recognition Program
GO II-116 Application & Selection Process
GO II-118 Officer – Staff Responsibilities, Professional Standards, Daily Police Operational Activities
GO II-119 Unbiased Policing
GO II-122 Social Media
GO III-121 Use of Force
GO III-134 Biased Base Profiling
GO III-152 Interaction with Transgender Individuals
GO III-156 Early Intervention Program
GO IV-103 Hate Crimes

*Accountability is a fundamental principle of a democratic society and an essential component of effective policing. It involves the performance of law enforcement agencies with respect to controlling crime and disorder and providing services to the public. It also involves individual accountability regarding officers’ conduct with respect to lawful, respectful, and equal treatment of citizens. Some policies have been redacted from the list. Sensitive material that could jeopardize the safety of the public, crime victims, and members of the Campus Police Department, or that could impede the officers’ ability to respond to critical incidents, has been obscured for security purposes.


This section outlines the Compliment and Complaints Process, Community Oral Board Composition/Hiring Process, and the race/gender composition of the Campus Police Department.  Other information can be added as appropriate.

Compliments and Complaints Process
Community Oral Board Composition and Hiring Process
Race and Gender Composition of the Campus Police Department