final Hurricane Irma Update, saturDAY Sept. 16

A message from President O’Shea:

Dear Students, Staff, and Faculty,

Classes will definitely resume Monday, September 18.  All campus offices will be open.  The power came on for most of the campus last night, and it has stayed on.

Students, please exercise discretion: if you cannot travel safely, or if you are needed to help with recovery at home, please wait and be in contact with your professors and with Student Affairs.  We will work with you.

Staff, please be in contact with your supervisors if you have questions.  Faculty, please contact your division chair or the provost if needed.

Other offices such as financial aid will be in contact shortly.

It is impossible to thank everyone at this time.  We will find a way to do this later.  For now, especial thanks to student affairs staff, to physical plant staff, and to our police, all of  whom worked exceedingly long hours.  Even more thanks to their families, who underwrote that work by doing without them at home.  Thanks also to Metz, our wonderful food service provider, for staying on campus and feeding everyone; to FPL and their folks for their work restoring power here and throughout Florida; to our SUS colleagues, especially at the Florida State University, the University of South Florida, and the Chancellor’s Office.

All best,