Emergency Contact, NCFSafe, and Missing Student Information

Students need to provide some basic information as they begin their education at New College.

Emergency Notification Information

The following three types of information should be added and/or updated as you begin your education at New College and at any time your personal information changes. Information on all three types are synopsized below:

Emergency Contact Information

Please log in with your New College ID and provide this important information. This person will be contacted by College officials in the event of an emergency involving a student. This would include injuries or illness involving a student. This information can be added and updated in NEWCLEIS.

NCFSafe Campus Alert System

Please sign up with NCFSafe. This information will be used to notify you in the event of an emergency on Campus. The system is capable of email, texting, and voice delivery of important information. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE IS YOURS. We need to be able to contact you as quickly as possible so make sure the information is yours and updated as needed.

Missing Person Information

Log in and fill out this important information. This contact person will be notified by Campus Police and authorized College Officials if you reside on Campus and are reported missing. The person you list as your Missing Person Contact can be anyone you choose if you are at least 18 years of age or emancipated. If you are under 18, it must be your parent or guardian.

In all incidents in which it has been confirmed that anyone is missing from campus, the Campus Police will be the law enforcement agency with primary responsibility for conducting the investigation. Report all suspected missing persons to the Campus Police immediately. Pursuant to the Higher Education Opportunity Act (Public Law 110-315), each student residing on campus has the option of registering a confidential contact person to be notified in case that student is determined to be missing. For students less than 18 years of age and not emancipated, a parent or guardian must be the designated contact. Only authorized campus officials and law enforcement officers conducting the missing person investigation may access a student’s confidential contact information. Report all persons missing from campus to the Campus Police, even if they have not registered a contact person. In the event that an investigation has confirmed that a residential student is missing, the Higher Education Opportunity Act mandates that the designated contact be notified within 24 hours. The Campus Police will immediately notify the designated contact upon confirmation that the student is missing. Other local law enforcement agencies will also be notified, and the missing student will be entered into the CJIS computer database per current protocol.