Senior Thesis Projects in Philosophy

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Philosophy:

“Happiness Is Divine: A Case for the Divinity of the Truly Happy Person of Plotinus's Enneads” by Arthur Larcinese Krieger

“This Impossible Object: On the Class Struggle, Althusser, and Why Every Anti-Communist is a Dog” by Alec Niedenthal

“Existence and Resistance: A Heideggerian Reading of Foucault's "Ethical Turn"” by Bill Yanelli

“Recognition in Relational Autonomy” by Rachel Tohn

“The Positive Value of Death: A Reevaluation of Suicide and Self-Sacrifice” by Erin Dyles

“Autonomy and the Value of Humanity: Problems in Korsgaard's The Sources of Normativity” by Joseph Abboud

“The Self, Language Objects, and Psychedelic Perspectives” by David Krane

“"Here I Am." A Call for Ethics in Hebrew: Emmanual Levinas's Ethical/ Political Thought through the Lens of Hebraic Transcendence” by Leila Shooshani

“Unamuno: God, Immortality and the Tragic Sense” by William Soto

“Communicating Privacy: A Politico-Philosophical Investigation of Private Autonomy in Deliberative Democracy” by Kristin Malossi

“An Empirical Investigation into the Demand for Mass Produced Artistic Products” by Chaitanya Katikala

“Scientific Confirmation and Naturalized Mathematical Realism” by Andrew Steele

“Difference as Common: In Defense of Difference as the Anti-Foundation for Liberal Cosmopolitan Dialogue” by Rochelle H. DuFord

“In Defense of Passion” by Anyelle Johanna De León

“The Power of Your Voice Could Redirect Every Truth': Rap as Resistant Discursive Practice” by Alexandra Rogers

“Moral Psychology, Ethical Relativism, and Blackburn's Metaethics” by Rudo Kemper

“From Immanence to Otherness” by Marcus Michelsen

“Tolerance and the Landscape of Others” by Christian Pillsbury

“Deluzian Jurisprudence and Law in Societies of Control” by Camilo A. Ramirez-Celis

“An Examination of Deconstruction as Applied to the Political in Jacques Derrida's The Politics of Friendship” by Lauren Keenan

“A Biopolitical Analysis of Israel's Separation Barrier” by Annemarie Roberts

“Jazz Improvisation and the Aesthetic of Risk” by Samuel Arthurs

“Selves as Centers of Narrative Gravity” by Carolyn Barker

“Irony and Embodiment: Toward a Rortian Philosophy of the Body” by Christopher Davies

“Personal Identity and Free Will” by John Noah Hudelson

“Situating Standpoints: Negotiating a Queer Perspective in Feminist Theory” by Cesar Mantilla

“The Thing is I: Hegel and Immanent Production” by James M. McCown

“Love's Ethics: Love as a Legitimate Moral Relation between Persons” by Matthew M. Schuler

“Are Existentialist Narratives Possible?” by Evan Williams

“Questioning Authority: A Skeptical Approach to Reading Plato” by P. N. Eldred

“How Blackburn's Solution to the Frege-Geach Problem Could Be More Quasi-Realistic” by Eli Bonner

“On Pain and Privacy: The Concept of Sensation in Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations” by Andrew I. Kay

“Flesh of the Deceased: An Examination of Phenomenologies of the Death of the Other” by Craig Schuetze

“Givenness and Revelation: Rethinking the Relationships between Phenomenology and Theology” by Alissa Shea

“A Doubling and Redoubling: The Creation of the Self in Kierkegaard and Dostoevsky” by Katelyn Jones

“Imperialist Modernity” by Hannah Armstrong

“Placing Mercy in Hume's Catalogue of Moral Virtues” by Kathryn Mesh Iserman

“On Divine Foreknowledge and Human Libertarian Freedom” by Gustavo de Lima Torres Oliveira

“The Word Made Flesh: An Aesthetics as First Philosophy” by Eric Delp

“Moral Responsibility and Decision-Making” by Justin Vickers

“Constituting World: Heidegger's Path to an Ontological Understanding of Language” by Jessica Williams

“The Cumulative Case for Platonism about Universals: Attribute-Identification in Mathematics” by Justin Clarke-Doane

“Kant on the Problem of Evil” by Michelle Chaplin

“A Meandering Inquiry into the Nature of Material Objects” by Titus Jewell

“An Ethics of Authenticity: Literature as More Than Augmentation” by Tenesha R. Martin

“The Powers of a Pinball: A Discussion of the Scientific Worldview in Twentieth Century Philosophy” by Patrick McIlvain

“Get it? Leo Straiss and the Crisis of Modernity” by Eric Sosnoff

“The Social Transmission of Moral and Religious Beliefs” by Daina Crafa

“Playing Dice with the Universe” by David Barnett

“Make-Believe and the Self: A Look at Self-Deception and the Self of an Actor” by Meghann Cassidy

“A Li(f)e: The World of Gilles Deleuze and Its Problems” by Chris Chrappa

“I, Zombie? Why Zombie Knowledge is Fatal to Chalmers' Theory of Phenomenal Consciousness” by Alden Hensel

“Zosima's Theodicy: The Problem of Evil in The Brothers Karamazov” by Christy Stockard

“An All-Consuming Faith: Kierkegaard and Religious Existence” by Robert Hutchison

“Our Bunnies, Our selves: An Exploration of the Ethical Status of Animals” by Robin Jacobs

“Body of Evidence: The Production of Difference in Everyday Social Practice” by Caroline Arruda

“Walt Whitman, American Existentialist” by Henry Paul Belanger

“On the Margins: The Work of Outsider Art as a Possibility of Communication” by Ivy Feraco

“The Silence of the Ethical in Fear and Trembling” by Michael Milton

“Towards a Nietzschean Ethical Agency: in the Playground of Being and Becoming” by Gabriel Pacyniak

“The Social Individual: Carving a Middle Path Between Educational Extremes” by Philip Emery Poekert

“Is Science Social and Does it Matter?” by Ian Vandewalker

“Making Music and Musical Workers: A Suggestion for Ontological Inquiry in the Philosophy of Music” by Edward Anthony Vazquez

“(Dis) Integrated Material: Cyborg Feminism and the Posthuman Body” by Katherine E. Hubin

“Authenticity and Alterity” by Theodore R. Bach

“A Defense of Religious Existentialism: Kierkegaard Versus Sartre” by John Suder

“Philosophy of Everyday Life” by Eric Knopp

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