Residence Hall Packing List: What to Bring? A Guide to Equipping Your On-Campus Room

First, please do not use the lists provided at stores - they often include prohibited items!

Figuring out what to pack when you head to school may seem more overwhelming than trying to get your entire high school career on one tiny admissions application. With a little planning and foresight, however, it doesn't have to be as complicated as it might seem at first.

First Thing to Remember: You'll Buy Stuff When You Get Here
You don't have to pre-plan for your entire academic year when packing, especially if you're on a really tight budget. You can always buy stuff as the year goes on (care packages will bring you an unspeakable amount of joy). Also, be aware that all the items present in your room when you move in must remain in your room. Storage is not available; you are responsible for the condition of the room and furniture upon move in. Don't bring so much stuff you can't settle in peacefully with all of it! If you have a question, call the Residential Life OffIce, check out facebook, and ask other students. Keep in mind, too, that you are building a new life of sorts for yourself. Don't try to duplicate your room at home so much as find things that will represent your time at school.

Room Essentials
Twin extra-long (XL) sheet set
Mattress pad/ egg crate/memory foam pad
Comforter and/or blanket
Extra throw blanket – portable, washable & light weight (great for study sessions, beach visits or music/movies on Z-green)
Alarm clock - reliable with backup batteries
Lamps (very little overhead lighting is in the rooms) – bring lamps less than 300 watts; only fluorescent or incandescent – NO halogens allowed!
Wastebasket and trash bags

Hand sanitizer
Key chain that you would bet $124 on (price of a lost key)
Clothes hangers
Clothing (donate stuff before you leave home, the (Goodwill) shopping is great in Sarasota and you will want to buy, buy, buy!)

Bath Essentials & Toiletries
Bath towel
Shower supplies (soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.)
Shaving supplies
Contacts, contact solution, glasses (if applicable)

Cleaning Supplies
Dish towels
Dish soap
Room deodorizing spray (candles and incense pose a fire risk and are prohibited)
Laundry supplies: soap, hamper

Beach Supplies
Sunglasses/hat Swimsuit
Beach towel
Refillable water bottle

School Supplies
Personal computer (recommended, but there are computer labs on campus)
Printer (the only public printer is located in the HCL computer lab for student use)
Cat 5E or Cat 6 ethernet cable
Printer paper
Jump/flash/ thumb drive
Notebooks/lined paper
Laptop lock (the one time you leave your door open it will be gone if it is not locked up)
Poster putty, stapler, push pins, pens/pencils, envelopes &stamps
Desk lamp
Blank CDs/DVDs (if applicable)
Power strips with surge protectors (extension cords pose a fire; bring more than one with extra long cords)
Sturdy backpack
Day planner/personal calendar (one you like and will actually use!)

Emergency Preparedness
Prescription medication
Over-the-counter remedies (for headaches, flu, cold, etc.)
Flashlight (we sometimes experience power outages)
List of emergency contacts
Health insurance card
First aid kit with bandaids

Other Items (Optional items)
Small fan
Umbrella and rain coat Shoes that can get wet (like flip flops)
Ear plugs Small sewing kit
Small tool kit
Under-the-bed storage bins
Plate, mug and silverware, small set of reusable personal dishes /utensils
Posters and photos to hang* Poster putty (no holes in the walls!)
Can opener

Things to talk to your roommate(s) about
Refrigerator; no larger than 5 cubic feet
TV, DVD player, stereo, game systems (we are NOT wired for cable) 2-3 favorite board games, deck-of-cards, books Small athletic equipment
Room phone with answering machine (you only think you won't need it) A memo board and markers
Toilet brush and plunger
Vacuum Cleaner
Water filtering pitcher (small Brita, Purell, etc.)
Coffee pot **
Bath rugs

Leave at Home
Winter clothing until needed
Clothes requiring dry-cleaning
Large personal furniture items
Firearms/other weapons
Candles, Incense & Halogen lamps
Any pets other than fish
Any coffee pots, hot pots or irons that do NOT have and automatic shut-off switch OR contain an open element (see fire safety link below for details)
Any items in violation of New College’s Fire Safety & other Policies

* Wall decorations are allowed, but nails, thumb tacks, duct tape, and double sided tape are not to be used on the walls, especially in the alphabet halls. Nothing should be taped or affixed to the ceiling.

**Cooking elements must have a timed or thermostatically controlled automatic shut-off-switch and closed heating element.

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New College of Florida
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Sarasota FL 34243

Phone: (941) 487-4250
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