Orientation FAQ

Q: Where are the forms that I need to fill out for Orientation?
A: moodle.ncf.edu - use NCF username/password

Q: I still need to register for Orientation! How do I do this?
A: Click here to register for Fall 2014 Orientation. This will take you to a secure site for both student and parent registration. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express (No Discover Card). Complete your registration by June 27.

Q: What if Orientation Registration is closed?
A: Call Student Affairs (941-487-4250) to let us know about your late-registration request. If approved, you'll need to bring a personal check with you to Orientation Check-in/Move-in Day.

Q: When do new students move in?
A: Move-In is on August 16, 2014. We suggest arriving on campus early in the morning. Some families will stay overnight in a nearby hotel to prepare for an early and tiring day. Information on local accommodations can be found here.

Q: What should I do to prepare for Orientation Move-In?
A: Plan to arrive at Sudakoff between 9-10 am on Move-in Day (Saturday, August 16, 2014). The doors close at 12 pm. Bring your state issued Photo ID, along with: water, snacks, comfortable clothing and shoes. It will be extremely hot and humid, possibly raining. BRING A DOLLY OR ANYTHING WITH WHEELS TO HELP TRANSPORT YOUR ITEMS. There will only be a few moving bins available.

Q: What happens during Fall New Student Orientation Week?
A: After Move-in Day, Orientation Week goes by pretty fast. The first part of the week is spent in a combination of small and large groups, getting to know the campus, your classmates and upper-years, as well as learning how to navigate our New College academic system. You’ll meet a variety of faculty and staff who are here to help you succeed and prepare you for our class registration process (contract negotiations). Faculty advisor meetings and mini-classes are at the end of the week, followed by large-scale welcome socials for the broader campus community.

Q: What are mini-classes? Do I have to attend if I already completed my Course Request System (CRS)?
Mini-classes are held Thursday & Friday of Orientation Week and are critical to your course registration process. They offer a preview of what courses and professors are available each semester. You essentially “try out” as many courses as you can possibly attend. You meet many different faculty and get a better sense of their expectations, teaching styles and which classes really interest you. Some courses even require attendance at mini-classes for enrollment. The CRS is NOT course registration; rather it provides an early interest gauge to determine which classes may be in “high demand” for the semester.

Q: Is orientation necessary (including transfers and off-campus)?
A: Absolutely! You will learn how to navigate and understand things that are very specific to New College. Also, you will make connections by meeting people and have a lot of fun. Orientation is especially critical for transfer students who may be on an accelerated graduation plan (in 3 years or less) because of the nature of our academic program.

Q: When will I receive information from my Orientation Leader (OL)?
A: OL’s are volunteer upper-year students and trained peer mentors who are ready to help you learn more about New College while navigating your new campus. They will contact new students assigned to their Orientation Groups by July. If you have not been contacted by that time, do not worry! Just email the Office of Student Affairs at studentaffairs@ncf.edu with your full name and preferred means of contact. We’ll be happy to pass a message along to your OL for you!

Q: Is there an ATM machine on campus?
A: Yes, and it is located in Ham center near the Silo and BBT. There is a $1.99 charge, and your individual bank might charge a convenience fee.

Q: What size sheets do I need to get for my bed?
A: All beds on campus are twin XL

Q: What furniture comes in my dorm room?
A: Each person gets a bed, a desk, a chair, and bookcases to share.

Q: How do I get proof of enrollment?
A: Talk to the Office of the Registrar: registrar@ncf.edu or call 941-287-4230

Q: Can I ship stuff before I arrive on campus?
A: No. Storage is limited, and we can’t be held responsible.

Q: Is there a list of suggested items to bring?
A: Yes, click here.

Q: How do I figure out how to use my NCF email account?
A: Contact the IT Help Desk: ithelpdesk@ncf.edu or call 941-487-4350

Q: Do the washers and dryers require quarters?
A: No, we use Washco smartcards that you can get and add a declining balance. You can add money or replace your Washco smartcard in the Housing Office, HCL 3. (It’s best to have a spare $5 or $10 to add “cash value” to your card.) You can also add to your balance online at www.washco.com. More info will be provided during Orientation.

Q: What banks are in the area?
Click here for a list of banks close to New College.


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