Valentines for Everyone

At the New College of Florida, President Donal O’Shea has been busy lately. He has personally signed individual Valentine’s Day cards for delivery to every student (about 800), faculty member (about 100) and staff member (about 280).┬áThe message on the card is “New College Hearts You” in big print; followed by “(We Just Thought You Should Know)” in small print. The college will today start a contest on Twitter, with the hashtag #NewColhearts, in which students can say why they love their college. Winners will receive T-shirts.┬áVia email, O’Shea offered this reason for the effort: “The students here at New College produce work of a tremendous quality, and in particular all our fourth-years, who are now deep into their theses and final projects. So we wanted to simply tell them we know how hard they are working, we appreciate their energy and creativity, and all of us, from me to all the faculty and staff, are here for them.”

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