New Music New College on the Radio

On September 4, in advance of their performance of “Removable Parts” this past weekend, New Music New College visiting artists Kathleen Supove and Corey Dargel were the guests of radio talk host Cliff Roles on Sarasota’s 1220 AM. 
The subject of the musical theater production was a delicate one – voluntary amputation—but both artists spoke passionately about what causes someone to become so alienated from their own body as to want to remove a healthy limb, and how the “love songs” they performed were a really a metaphor for a more symbolic kind of alienation in our society.  They played two cuts from the program, “Hooked for Life” and “Why Not Take All,” and each spoke about their careers, upcoming projects and life in New York City as cutting-edge contemporary artists.  Four more provocative programs are in store for the 10th anniversary of New Music New College (link), New College’s experimental contemporary music series.
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