New College among 10 colleges where students graduate with the least debt September 15, 2017
New College of Florida has been lauded by a U.S. News & World survey examining debt loads of college graduates.
New College ranked eighth in the nation in a list of U.S. schools whose class of 2016 graduated with the lightest debt loads. New College graduates that year finished school with an average debt of $16,577.
Forty-four million Americans hold over $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, and roughly 70 percent of grads leave college with loans.
While some schools leave graduates shouldering an unbearable mountain of debt, others work with students to make sure they’re not taking on more than they’ll be able to pay off. U.S. News & World Report assessed more than 1,800 U.S.-based colleges and universities, looking at the loans that students took from their colleges, from private financial institutions and from the government.
A wide range of schools made the list including large public universities, and small private schools. New College of Florida was the only public liberal arts college to make the top 10. See the list of the 10 colleges where borrowers have the lowest amounts of debt.