Make that Eight! New College of Florida Graduate Adele Fournet Receives Fulbright Grant to Peru

(June 15, 2009) – New College of Florida announced that Adele Fournet, who graduated this year with a degree in music, has been awarded a Fulbright Grant to Lima, Peru, for the 2009-2010 academic year.  Fournet’s award marks a record-setting eighth Fulbright Award received by New College seniors and alums for 2009.

During her Fulbright year, Fournet will study Gender in Musical Structure: Female Rock Artists in Lima, Peru. Fournet has been a solo and collaborative professional musician since the fall of 2005, composing and performing in such performances as New Music New College’s “Crossroads” collaboration with the Florida West Coast Symphony, composing original soundtrack music for Emmy-award winning director Larry Foley and co-producing the Children’s CD Animal Tracks.
Fournet will spend one academic year studying the music of Area 7 and Valium, all-women rock bands, in Lima, Peru. These two bands have managed successful music careers in the Limeñan rock music scene despite their minority status as women. Fournet will determine if and how the band’s minority status affects the structure of their music by conducting in depth musical analysis of their compositions.
Upon returning to the United States, Fournet plans to enter a PhD program in music, focusing her research on the rock genres of American urban areas while continuing her career as a professional musician and composer.
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