Is the Color of a Feline's Coat a Factor in Cat Adoption?

Myths surrounding black cats have existed for eons. Considered by some to be either omens of evil or exceedingly good luck, these beautiful and often misunderstood felines engender strong feelings in humans, ranging from loathing and fear to outright adoration. Calico and tortoiseshell cats have the reputation of being “cheeky” with their behavior often described as “tortitude”. From these common reactions to the color of a cat’s coat, it seems that a kitty’s overall appearance does make an impact on the way people relate to them. But can the color of a feline actually influence the chances of a cat’s adoption? To check this theory out and determine whether people do have covert biases about cats based on their color, researchers in the field of anthrozoology (the study of the interaction between people and animals) at California State University and the New College of Florida launched an Internet-based survey.

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