Higher Learning: Sarasota’s ‘Shark Week’ had no need for hyperbole

Heraldtribune.com    July 27, 2017
On television, it’s “Shark Week,” Discovery Channel’s annual lineup of shark-focused programming. Here in Sarasota, New College’s “Shark Week” happened back in April, when students and scientists boarded the research vessel “R/V Bellows” bound for the offshore Gulf of Mexico waters, in search of knowledge, adventure — and sharks.
Sharks clearly fascinate us — ”Shark Week,” in its 29th season — is the longest-running cable television programming event, and it’s one reason students flock to courses on sharks. While the content has come a long way, shark experts agree, much of it is still sensationalized, and needlessly so. We don’t need Michael Phelps racing a Great White — we have cutting-edge science and, on the “Bellows,” real sharks!