(WSNN) – Can a virus live on your clothes? Can your pet get it? How effective are wipes?

A Suncoast biochemist helps us navigate those frequently asked questions.
First, Can a virus live on your clothes?
New College of Florida Biochemist Professor, Dr. Katherine Walstrom, says it seems like the virus can stick on your clothes, but it’s not likely to infect you.

It’s all about how porous the surface is.

“If the fabric’s absorbent, in different ways, it could disrupt the structure of the virus and then it wouldn’t active anymore, it wouldn’t be infectious anymore,” Dr. Walstrom said.
But, it’s still important to be cautious.
“I would say if someone were to go to the grocery store, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to change clothes when they get home,” Dr. Walstrom.
When it comes to wiping down surfaces, how effective is a wipe?
Dr. Walstrom says water and soap are the best ways to disrupt the virus.
But when it comes to chemicals in products, she says the product has to be wet enough for a chemical reaction to occur.
“Anywhere from one to 10 minutes of exposure to the different chemicals is usually good for killing the virus,” Dr. Walstrom said. “The longer you can have the product on the surface, the better.”
How about pets, can you four-legged friends get the coronavirus?
The CDC says the coronavirus is not transferable to pets.
“The dog fur is a very complicated surface. The chances of the virus remain on a dog or cat fur is very unlikely,” Dr. Walstrom said.
Dr. Walstrom says just use normal precaution, and be conscientious of your neighbors.

“I would just recommend people stay away from other people for a while. That’s the safest thing to do,” Dr. Walstrom said.

So hug your pets and stay home.
For more answers to frequently asked questions on the Coronavirus, you can visit the CDC website.