Bush Returns to Florida to Reboot Campaign

… Bush’s experience tackling a range of issues as governor of Florida is at the heart of his campaign, and should be front and center as he arrives home Friday. Using the slogan “Jeb Can Fix It,” his team is trying to position the candidate as one who is best prepared to take on the “incompetence, corruption and gridlock in Washington,” according to a recent memo.
“If he could fix it in Florida, he can fix Washington,” the memo states…
Government experience is not a high priority for many Republican voters right now, as evidenced by the fact that two outsiders who have never held elected office – business mogul Donald Trump and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson – are leading the GOP primary field.
What the Bush team considers a strength is “viewed as a liability, it would seem, by the majority of the Republican Party,” said New College of Florida political science professor Frank Alcock.
“Government experience is not good,” Alcock added. “You’re part of the problem, that’s a tough sell, that message, right now. Definitely a tough sell.”