First-year student Hope Sandlin’s observes birds at the New College Bayfront. Her independent study project is cataloging bird species seen around the New College campus, identifying them by their calls.

ISP takes an aural approach to birding

January 26, 2019

First-year student Hope Sandlin is using her love for birds to create an unusual independent…


New College needs new infrastructure to support student success

September 24, 2018

To serve and support our student body, we need the proper facilities.


Rising Sea Levels & Heritage: Meeting the Challenges in Sarasota

July 2, 2018   July 1, 2018 Three-day conference on August 8th through 11th, 2018 By (NCF Professor) Uzi…

(NCF Alum) Abigail Oakes and Melissa Coleman Sperber

June 29, 2018

SRQ Magazine, June 29, 2018 Nonprofit Powerhouse  Abigail Oakes, 25 Manager of Nonprofit Services, Community Foundation of…


A Newly Excavated Settlement Highlights Florida’s History as a Haven for Escaped Slaves

June 28, 2018

Sarasota Magazine, June 27, 2018 Called one of the most significant historical sites in Florida…

2018 New College graduates include three Fulbright winners, two Goldwater scholars

June 27, 2018

New College of Florida will award diplomas to an expected 184 graduates in a commencement…

New College Foundation Appoints Three to Board of Directors

June 20, 2018

The New College Foundation, the philanthropic organization supporting New College of Florida, announces the appointment…


Vive la Difference (Editorial by Donal O'Shea)

June 11, 2018

SRQ    June 9, 2018 The Wall Street Journal last January published an article by a long-time…

(New College of Florida is one of...) The top 10 most affordable small colleges

May 30, 2018  May 29, 2018 Many families assume public colleges and universities are far more affordable…

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