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New College of Florida now offers four graduate certificates that can be completed online, in person, or hybrid, designed to provide in-demand data science skills in a more accessible, focused format. And you can transfer your certificate credits towards your Master’s degree.

New College is pleased to offer four graduate certificates designed to provide you with valuable educational experience in a more accessible, focused format than a traditional master’s degree program. They include: Data Analysis and Visualization with R, Machine Learning with Python, Statistical Modeling, and Distributed Computing. Plus, you can transfer your graduate certificate credits to apply toward the Master’s degree program in Applied Data Science. Learn More

New College of Florida offers five affordable graduate programs in Applied Data Science. The two-year Master’s program and four graduate certificate programs prepare students to collect, analyze, and report on big data effectively and ethically. Our rigorous curriculum combines these in-demand data scientist skills and knowledge with opportunities for their real-world application. With a five-to-one student-to-faculty ratio, you’ll get personalized attention, and gain networking and field experience with leading data-driven companies.

“Students can expect a very well-rounded education from the data science program. Whether it be in algorithms, statistics or general programming, you’ll have all the things you’ll need to be successful as a data scientist,” says Adam Lashley, an M.S. in Applied Data Science Student.

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