Candidates share views on importance of addressing climate change

Reposted on Monday, August 13th, 2018 by Paula Melo

Herald   August 10, 2018

Politicians for state and local offices say they would rely on expert advice about which cultural sites to save from rising sea levels

Six local candidates assured a state conference of archaeologists and historic preservationists on Friday that they believe in the science behind climate change and, if they are elected, they will make protecting Florida’s coasts and cultural assets a priority.

The Florida Public Archaeology Network and New College Public Archaeology Lab included the forum at Payne Park Auditorium as part of this week’s 2018 Tidally United Summit, a series of seminars and activities about issues related to sea level rise.

Uzi Baram, professor of anthropology at New College of Florida, told the roughly 60 attendees that he regards it as “crucially important” that people concerned about protection of the environment and cultural resources “talk to the politicians, the policymakers.”