No travel? No problem! You can still gain international experience and develop intercultural competencies this fall by taking an online course (taught from a location abroad) or completing a virtual internship with organizations and businesses around the world.
You can find more information about USAC’s Global Perspectives Program, which includes 3-4 credit online courses in Business, Art, Culture & Society, Diversity and Multiculturalism, Health and Wellness, International Affairs, as well as 3-credit virtual internships in Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, France, Ghana, India, Italy, Spain, Thailand, and Uruguay here. Application deadline: August 1, but late applications will be accepted.
Information about SIT’s 3-credit online courses and 4-credit virtual internships based in Bolivia, Cameroon, Chile, Ecuador, India, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Panama, Serbia & Kosovo, South Africa and Vietnam is available here. Application deadline: August 24.
If interested, please review the information below, as it pertains to the New College academic contract, eligibility, tuition, financial aid and credit transfer. Discuss this opportunity with your academic adviser. Students must secure an adviser’s approval and complete the attached form, due in the Office of the Registrar, before committing to the online course or virtual internship.
Students must enroll in a minimum of three New College units (tuition paid to New College for these courses).
Students may add one online course abroad or virtual internship abroad offered by either USAC or SIT (tuition paid to the provider for that course or internship).
Students may not take an online course in lieu of a course that will be offered at New College this fall.
Students must complete their Fall 2020 contract exclusive of the online course or international internship (only New College courses will count toward satisfactory completion of the contract).
Most of the online courses are open to first-year students who are at least 18 years old at the time of application. Virtual internships are open to students who have satisfactorily completed at least one year of college coursework.
Students who choose to pursue a virtual internship as an international experience add-on must report their internship to the Center for Career Engagement & Opportunity (CEO) once they have secured an internship site and supervisor by submitting an Experience through Handshake (access through myNCF App Gateway).
Students should partner with their internship supervisor and faculty sponsor to develop internship learning outcomes. Students can find step-by-step instructions on how to report their internship in Handshake at Once the internship has been reported, an email will be sent from Handshake to the internship supervisor and then the faculty sponsor respectively for approval. Students will be expected to complete a midpoint and final self-evaluation for the internship, and the internship supervisor will be expected to complete a midpoint and final evaluation of the student intern. These evaluations will be provided to the faculty sponsor to assist with narrative evaluations.
Students will need to receive an official transcript from the provider to transfer the credits earned for the online course abroad or virtual internship abroad back to New College, and have that experience included in their New College transcript.
Since aid is awarded based on full-time enrollment, additional financial aid will not be offered to cover the expense of the online course/virtual internship. However, students may be able to utilize any excess funding that they receive after tuition/fees and room/board are met to assist with payment to the provider. Students will be responsible for payment to the provider and may have to pay out of pocket or make arrangements if it would be possible for them to use a refund, if available.  Students are required to meet with someone in Financial Aid to discuss their options.
Questions? Contact Florence Zamsky, Assistant Director, Off-Campus Study/Study Abroad, at and visit