Updating your preferred name and pronoun at NCF

Need to make a change to your biographical information? Follow these steps.

Updating pronouns, preferred names and legal name changes at New College

From time to time students, and for that matter, faculty and staff, may experience a need to change their preferred name or identify the pronouns they use. Or they may legally change their name in the courts. These changes can be reflected in the various systems in operation at New College. The procedures for updating each of these systems are summarized below.

Change of preferred name, pronouns used, change of gender, change of legal name:

Visit the Office of the Registrar’s Forms page on the web and look for the “Biographical Information Change” form (found under the header “Personal Information Changes”). This form can be used to register your preferred first (eg. given) name, and the pronouns you use. It is also used for legal name changes as well as legal gender changes. In the case of legal name and gender changes, additional documentation will be required. Refer to the form for details. These changes are processed in the Banner system by the Office of the Registrar. Scan and send the required documents and the completed form to records@ncf.edu. Note that changes of preferred names do not automatically change Canvas, Gmail, or Handshake. After a legal name change, you may also wish to request an updated New College ID card, once the new legal name is in the Banner system. See below for how to update those systems.

Changing your legal name (New College ID card)

Like most ID cards, New College ID cards will reflect the person’s legal first and last name. If you have a legal name change, you should first process the change through the Office of the Registrar, following the instructions above. It is recommended that you wait 1-2 business days for the system to process the change. Next, visit Palmer D and request a new ID card. You will not be charged if you surrender your old ID card.

Changing your preferred name (Canvas)

From the Help menu in Canvas, select Preferred Name Change and enter your preferred first name. ETS will process your name change within 1-2 business days. (See image on right.)

Changing your preferred name (Gmail)

Follow the instructions at this link to change your Gmail displayed name. Note that your email username will not be affected. You can also have Gmail forward email automatically from one account to another.

Changing your preferred name (Handshake)

Step 1: Log in to Handshake via myNCF
Step 2: Select the drop-down menu under your name and choose My Profile
Step 3: Click the pencil icon near your name and photo to change your name