New College of Florida is a member of The Sarasota Institute, a 21st century think tank. 2020 will be the first year the Institute is producing symposiums that look into the future on several categories.
A list for free admissions to these events has been set up. It is first-come, first-served, so the earlier you sign up the better chance you will have to attend for free. All events will be held at State College of Florida’s Neel Performing Arts Center, 11 East 60th Ave W, in Bradenton.
Events include:

An Educated Person in 2035
Saturday, Jan. 18

A look at education in the 21st century. The outdated educational legacies of the 20th century no longer work. Why do we need to transform education at all levels? What might be the new forms and ways of thinking to make sure that we are truly preparing Americans and Gulf Coast citizens to be educated in 2035.

A Leap Year Look at Climate Change
Saturday, Feb. 29

This will be a first in climate change conferences. In the morning the reality of the climate crisis as of 2020 will be presented. In the afternoon there will be presentations and panels on what can and must be done to successfully face climate change. The denial phase is over. Now the questions are: how bad is it really, and what we must do to preserve civilization as we know?

The New Health Age of the 21st Century
Saturday, March 7

Welcome to the New Health Age of the 21st Century! We have entered a time of incredible transformation in healthcare, medicine and technology that is ushering in this new age. Learn what the new big three dynamics of healthcare are and how they will increasingly make healthcare completely personal. The two co-authors of the impactful “The New Health Age: The Future of Healthcare in America” will present what they got right back in 2011, what they got wrong and why, and suggest the clear directions that American and Global medicine are in the 2020s. All is about to change in the next decade. Come learn what this New Health Age will look like.
Visit the Institute’s website for more information.