A test of New College’s Campus Notification System will be conducted at 2 p.m. Tues. Nov. 17. It should only last a few minutes.

This test will include the activation of the speaker arrays around the New College campus, as well as the blue emergency phones. The Blackboard Connect system will disseminate messages via email, cell phone and text through various mechanisms around campus.

Local law enforcement partners and neighborhood associations have been notified in case they receive calls about hearing the speaker announcements. The exterior speaker test may be audible in the immediate area of New College.

Members of the campus community should receive test messages via email and phone. All New College students, faculty and staff are encouraged to visit the NCFSafe emergency notification website to make sure all personal information is listed correctly. The phone numbers and email addresses listed in NCFSafe should be the numbers by which everyone can be notified of a campus emergency (not family members). NCFSafe can be found in NewCLEIS by clicking here.

Contact the Campus Police Department for any further questions at 941-487-4210.