New College’s finance team is happy to announce that, effective Aug. 10, Installment Payment Plans (IPP) for student accounts will be available online. This will replace the manual paper-based system.
Students, log in to your NewCLEIS account and click on “View and Pay Bill.” When you are transferred to your Student Account landing page, you will be able to see payment plan options by scrolling down the page or by clicking on the “Payment Plans” listing on the left side. Choose a plan that is right for you, and pay in installments or in full (your choice). Reminder: you may set up a parent or guardian as a payer on your account.
Benefits of the new online payment plan process include:

  • No more wasting time with trips to Palmer D to fill out forms.
  • Available 24/7 instead of during “normal business hours.”
  • Four plans to choose from, versus one plan in the past.
  • Accessible on or off campus.
  • Contact-free transactions.
  • Allows for payments throughout the semester.

In this unprecedented time, the Finance Office hopes this enhancement makes your experience at New College an even better one. For questions, contact us at or 941-487-4625.