Police training set for Aug. 25

The Campus Police Department’s Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) will be training on the New College campus on Sunday, Aug. 25.
Beginning at 8 a.m., three Campus Police Department officers wearing black training uniforms will spend the first hour doing physical training/calisthenics followed by building searches and room clearing in and around Cook Hall, College Hall, and Caples Hall. The officers will not use any devices/equipment/vehicles which are loud or disturbing to classes or meetings. No real ammunition will be used and there is no danger to anyone present.
In addition, signs will be posted in two locations of each building when the training exercise is under way. A police officer in a patrol car will be nearby to dispel any concern. The training will conclude at noon.
It is essential that our community knows that our police officers take campus security seriously. We intend to apply the skills we learn in criminal justice academies and workshops by routinely practicing in our campus buildings and grounds so we are prepared to risk our lives, if necessary, to keep New College safe.