This weekend, for the first time in the school’s history, New College will be sending moot court teams to compete in the Mid-South Regional of the 2020-2021 national championship tournament held by the American Moot Court Association (AMCA). Six New College students (Rhys Shanahan, Natalie Kornblum, Natalie Spivey, Rasheed “Zane” DiVita, Isabel Nieves, and KarYan “Max” OoHlaing) will be competing against the following schools in the Mid-South Regional, which is hosted by Liberty University:

Georgetown University

Liberty University

Duke University

Michigan State University

Texas A&M University

The University of Texas

The University of Southern California

Vanderbilt University

Bridgewater College

Marietta College

Regent University

Patrick Henry College

Due to bandwidth constraints, the competition is all virtual this year (no spectators will be allowed). Stay tuned for updates after the tournament this weekend.

The AMCA is the largest intercollegiate moot court organization in the United States. Last year, more than 475 teams registered to compete in 14 qualifying tournaments to attempt to win a bid to the championship tournament that was held at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Each year, students from additional colleges and universities decide to participate in the opportunity provided by intercollegiate moot court.

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