On a regular basis, the Campus Police Department (CPD) receives requests and/or notifications via email (police@ncf.edu) rather than the more efficient method of calling the main, recorded police line at (941) 487-4210.
This line is answered by a dispatcher 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when the campus is closed during breaks. By speaking with a dispatcher, questions can be answered; a supervisor can be summoned, if necessary; and the problem can often be resolved promptly. Email may seem quick and easy but it is not the best method in these instances.
While the police chief continues to inform campus officials of the reasons for calling x4210 under such circumstances, the pattern of sending an email to police@ncf.edu has continued. In some instances, the message/request has been sent to just one individual who may be off duty for two or three days or in training for a week.
In the future, please call the main line at (941) 487-4210.