New compost bin to facilitate faculty, staff participation

The student Council of Green Affairs is expanding the campus compost program by placing a small compost bin outside the ACE lounge doors, next to the trash/recycling receptacle, so faculty and staff have an easily accessible place to bring their food scraps from home.
Allegra Nolan, co-president of the council, wrote in an email that a huge amount of food waste is already produced on campus, and there are only two people hired to do the work. “If you and your family produce a large amount of compost each week (more than one grocery bag), I recommend finding a local community garden that accepts food scraps for compost — or starting your own compost pile is also a great idea!”
When depositing food scraps in the bin, people are asked to follow these guidelines:
Do not deposit:

  • meat or dairy
  • tea bags (some may have plastics in them)
  • plastic twists, produce stickers

Acceptable material:

  • all plant materials
  • eggshells
  • coffee grinds and filters
  • used paper towels (but not if used for cleaning supplies)
  • grains (i.e., rice, paste, bread, ripped in pieces.

If you have any more questions about the Council of Green Affairs or sustainable living, Co-Presidents Allegra Nolan and Gina Vazquez are available as a resource.