Native Plant Restoration Area expected to undergo controlled burn in June

New College's Native Plant Restoration Area.
New College’s Native Plant Restoration Area.

During this year’s New College of Florida’s emergency management risk assessment, the College identified the Native Plant Restoration Area as a potential wild fire risk. New College of Florida in coordination with the Florida Forest Service has determined that the New College Native Plan Restoration Area needs to undergo a controlled burn to lower the risk of wildfire and encourage the healthy germination of desirable plants, native grasses, and pine seedlings.
A committee of faculty, students, alumni, and staff from Facilities, Emergency Management, Campus Police, and Communications and Marketing is working with the Forest Service to determine the optimal date for this burn. Depending on wind and rain conditions, it is expected to be conducted by the Forest Service on a Saturday or Sunday in June. Seeded in 2010, the Native Plant Restoration Area needs to be culled of invasive plants and pests that limit the growth of natural flora. It also requires the clearing of accumulated organic debris that can provide fuel for a potential wildfire.
Forest Service Supervisor Mike Keegan will authorize and oversee the burn, which should begin around 9 a.m., and conclude by mid-afternoon. During this period, buildings on the Bayfront campus will be closed and access to the Bayfront campus will be restricted.
The campus will be notified by email of the potential scheduling of the burn on the Thursday before the designated weekend. A confirmation email will be sent on the scheduled day of the burn and information will be posted on the home page of the New College website.
For additional information about the prescribed burn, please contact Director of Facilities Alan Burr at