Planning to pursue a for-credit internship this fall? If so, awesome! This is a great opportunity for you to build your skills through hands-on applications, networking with professionals, and learning more about a field of interest, while also receiving academic credit. You are expected to report your internship in Handshake as a part of the reporting and registration process at New College.
All for-credit internships (besides those being completed for Mod 2), must be reported by Friday, September 4. For-credit internships for Mod 2 must be reported by Friday, October 16.
What is a for-credit internship? A for-credit internship is an internship experience that you complete with a course to receive credit, which will be recorded on your academic transcript. You need a faculty sponsor to teach the course and sponsor your internship experience. An internship course typically includes assignments that help you reflect on the skills that you are gaining, and how you have applied theory and knowledge learned in the classroom to a professional setting.
How to Report and Register your For-Credit Internship:
Step 1: Once you have secured an internship, submit your experience in Handshake to be approved by your internship site supervisor and faculty sponsor;
Instructions for Students | Instructions for Faculty Sponsors
Step 2: Add the internship as a tutorial on your e-contract, select internship as the objective, and submit to the Office of the Registrar for approval.
Deadlines to Report your For-Credit Internship:
Due Friday, September 4 – report Full Term (A = at least 12 hrs/wk), Module 1 (M1 = at least 12 hrs/wk), and Full Term for Mod Credit Equivalent (1MC = at least 6 hrs/wk) internship courses
Due Friday, October 16 – report Module 2 (M2 = at least 12 hrs/wk) internship courses
Visit the CEO internship website here to learn more.