Inside Professor Kathleen Casto’s lab

Groundbreaking studies are currently unfolding in the lab of Kathleen Casto, Ph.D., New College’s assistant professor of psychology, biopsychology and neuroscience.
Casto studies the relationship between hormones and human behavior, and she involves her undergraduates in intense collaborative research (the kind most students won’t experience until they get to graduate school).
“These kinds of skills—technological, data analysis, hands-on research design—you’ll get by working in the research labs here. It’s a truly unique experience to New College,” Casto says.
Casto is especially excited about one of her new, high-tech pieces of equipment: a functional near-infrared spectroscopy machine, or fNIRS (neuroimaging technology that allows users to see activation patterns in the brain). Students working in her tutorial are learning how to directly use this innovative modality.
“What I really love about teaching at New College is getting to have a mentorship relationship with my students where, in the classroom, we can have discussions, we can ask questions, we can challenge each other,” Casto says. “In a bigger classroom at a bigger school, you just don’t have the time or the ability to actually form those relationships.”
For more information about Casto and her research, watch her video: