The New College Campus Police Department, in cooperation with Information Technology and Physical Plant, will conduct a test of the campus Emergency Notification System from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Wed. July 29.
Expect announcements on interior and exterior speakers, blue phone speakers and desktop phones in the library, ACE, HNS, bayfront campus, Pei campus, Pei residence halls and Caples campus.
These messages will include the actual wording used during real events, such as: System Test, Campus Violence, Tornado Warning, Airplane Incident, Off-Campus Incident, Off-Campus Incident Update, and All Clear.
Please do not be alarmed, as these messages are used for testing only. If a real-world event occurs during the testing, you will be notified that the test is over and that the event is real. Local neighborhoods, Ringling, and law enforcement will be notified of the test.
Direct further questions to Campus Police at 941-487-4210.