From Jeff Thomas, director of Campus Space Scheduling:
Those of you who have classes and those working in the Caples Complex please note that the annual La Musica rehearsals start on April 6-17. The rehearsals run from 9 a.m., until late in evening at the Sainer Pavilion. During this period we ask that you use the following procedures to park at the Caples complex:

  • Faculty members may park in front of your offices in each of your respected areas.
  • Music students may park in front of the music building or on the grass headed towards the art building side.
  • Art and Sculpture students may also park in front of the art building on the grass but not in front of the sculpture building.
  • Anyone may park on the grass along the retention pond and down towards Caples Hall.

Please also do not park in any spots out front of Sainer and especially those that have the “Reserved for La Musica Musicians Parking” or “Reserved” signs in front of them. There will be no tickets issued for parking on the grass during this period of time from April 4-13.
We ask that you would all please work with us on this since many of the La Musica patrons are elderly and parking near Sainer or in front makes it easier for them to access the building.
If you have any questions please feel to contact me either by phone 487-4665 or email me at And, as always, the rehearsals are free to students, staff and faculty with your New College ID.